Cleaning Out the “Lake Park Closet”

I don’t like clutter. It makes me crazy to have disorder in my home or in my head, but digging through all that junk is so chaotic. You have to be willing to make a mess, trusting that the end result will be better than the beginning. I speak from the experience of one with closets crammed full of “important stuff” that I have to dig through from time to time. Pulling out paper, photos, mementoes and such requires getting my hands gritty, then deciding and sorting into endless piles. Results don’t come quickly. Along the way I come across stuff that I just don’t want to deal with. At all. I don’t even know what to do with it. I have to spread it all out, and it takes over. It’s daunting. I wade through and make decisions about it’s value or lack thereof. It takes perseverance to reorder everything into something worthwhile. Then I have to live with the chaos until I finish the job. But, it serves me well to press on so I can enjoy my life and my home again so I’m in charge of it instead of the other way around.

The mess in our town has become in some ways like the tangled mess in a closet or garage at home. If we don’t dig through the truth about what’s going on and lift one idea from atop another and sort them out, ditch the junk and line up the best ones neatly into a coherent design, how will we ever make them something useful or orderly or beautiful again? The wealth of what we have there might be fantastic, but it’s useless if it remains in the dark.

The hard part is getting started, because some of us have set our observations and ideas on the shelf thinking, “I’ll get back to those,” as if another day is going to find us with more time or energy on our hands to get involved. Right. The fact is the pile is getting bigger and more complicated daily. It becomes tricky to untangle and hard to make sense of. When it’s stuff in our closet or garage, we can physically lay a hand on it. It’s a pain, but it’s doable, sometimes little by little. Facing a heap of abstract problems and an out of control town government that believes it is above the law is by far trickier and it’s harder to get a handle on. The stuff is already stacked up and growing beyond what we can even get our arms around. It will be a daunting task to make it right, but it’s doable because I think we are just ticked off enough to be up for it. Underdogs have a certain advantage. Yes, we’ll need determination and lots of help and we’ll need to press those good ideas into service and do something about what we see that isn’t right.

Maybe you just want to get along, keep the peace, and let things ride. “Everything will be fine”, you say. “Let’s wish them well and hope for the best.” Really!? One day you’ll wake up and realize you are trapped by all that stuff you didn’t take the time to root out when it was just a little mess. But by then, the exits will be blocked. You’ll be like a hoarder who can’t even wade through all the junk to get out the front door. Some would say you better wake up fast because we’re nearly there now. It’s not just Lake Park’s problem. It is officially your problem.

Remember, you may be sitting on something valuable. What you’ve experienced in your comings and goings on the street where you live may help connect the dots of the bigger picture, a picture you actually live and work within each day. Keep alert and share what you know with us and with your neighbors. I mean, what good are our ideas or that inside information if we don’t dust them off, shine the light on it and take it for a spin around the block.

Am I thrilled about slogging through all the problems at Lake Park Town Hall? Not especially, but I don’t ever feel like cleaning out my closets either. But I do it because this is my home and I want to be in control of it (not it of me) and I want to make it a place I want to be. I want to enjoy my life to the fullest, and I see that I can no longer do that with the mess that’s spilling out of our “town hall closet”, down the street, into my own front yard.

And… you know… when you start digging into a heap of junk… you will find the most amazing things.

I’m thinking we’re gonna find some pretty interesting stuff in the Lake Park pile too. Oh, and if you’re going to help, you might want to roll up your sleeves and get your gloves on. This stuff is a bit of a mess.


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