The Lake Park Marina Saga (July 4th weekend edition)

As of July 3rd (which would ordinarily be a great weekend for boating), this $2.4 million dollar piece of property which The Town of Lake Park purchased adjacent to their Marina, sits locked and useless behind a chainlink fence, despite the fact that the Marina parking lot was full today and boaters had to be turned away this busy holiday weekend. Potential revenue is being lost and once again the Marina and the town lose credibility in the eyes of the public.

We’ve been told the parking lot cannot be used until there is a sliding gate on it, and that the town can’t afford that. So why is it necessary to gate the parking lot, and even if at some point this is regarded as an important or necessary event, why not allow boat trailers and vehicles to park there until such a time as a gate can be installed? This is due in part to the fact that the commission has not yet marked the lot for trailer parking. Hmm. While it was stated in the past that the costs would be minimal, now, however, we are being told there isn’t money available to use the lot.

Other costs continue to mount.
The town continues to have to pay for insurance on the metal building which remains on the property, and will also have to pay to tear it down. It sounds like costs over and above the original outlay aren’t going to be so minimal after all. How likely is it the town will be able to drum up the cash to finish this project anytime soon? With a big government at the helm, there is always a maximum expenditure of time, resources and frustration. Of that you can be sure. I sure hope the taxpayers have something left in their pockets when the bill comes due, because they are paying for this grand scheme one way AND another.

Well, you may just want to get your lawn chair out and soak in some rays while you wait. Don’t forget your sunblock. It may be a while, especially if the new mayor and commissioner follow in the footsteps of those they sought to replace. And I’m as sure of that as I am that big government is running the show in our little town. Not a doubt in my mind.

So, who is benefiting from this $2.4 million dollar deal brokered courtesy of Lake Park Town Hall? It doesn’t appear to be the residents of Lake Park or the other boaters hoping to use our Marina this holiday weekend. You have to wonder what is going on behind the scenes, because it just keeps getting curiouser and curiouser.

There you have it. Another example of our Lake Park Town Hall at work…or something.