The View From Your Street

I’m curious. What’s it like out there on the street where you live? What do you notice when when you ride through town, walk your dog or watch the world go by through your front window?

I’m interested. What’s your perspective?  Maybe you are frustrated with something going on in town or maybe Lake Park is the town of your dreams and you want to tell us why. Be it positive, encouraging, annoying or what have you, let us know what you see, hear and experience where you live and do business in Lake Park.

What do you notice about the atmosphere on your block or where you spend time here in town? It doesn’t have to be earth shattering. Just give us a sense of what it’s like for you in our community. Is it hopping with activity, friendly, peaceful, or are you wary of neighborhood trends? Do you love it? Are you sick and tired and ready to move or have you just arrived? Are you hopeful? Do you have a story to tell? Maybe you just have observations from your morning or evening walk or what you experience while riding your bike or even while you are out mowing your lawn.

Park Avenue looking West from the Post Office –

What’s on your mind? If you haven’t really thought about it before, think about it now and let us know in the comments today. Give us a glimpse of Lake Park through your eyes, even if it’s just something amusing or entertaining. If it’s concerning, thought provoking or even just routine, we want to hear that too.  It can be a one line summation, a short a list or you can tell us how you really feel. Just let us hear from you so we can get a sense of what it’s like out there on the street where YOU live.

One Park Place –

And if you have a photograph (or even a few) of life in our town, a Lake Park event, a favorite scene or something you feel needs attention, please send them to I will feature various images on the front page (with photo credit if you provide your name) or I’ll start a photo page if we get enough submissions, so we can begin to see Lake Park through many eyes. Please include a description with the images, such as when they were taken and where, and why you are including them, if you would like.

Get involved by letting us hear from you. The more the merrier. After all, WE are Lake Park. 

I’ll be waiting…