Put ’em up, put ’em up…

No, not your dukes…

…your concern, your insight, your news! “Put ’em up” and engage in a clash of ideas and information. There’s a lot happening in Lake Park. Ask, think, say something!

You’ve may have heard about Eyes on Park, a plan to install 10 cameras on Park Avenue through the use of grant funds from none other than the Department of Justice. Hmm…that bunch sure does keep busy, don’t they? This isn’t the first time they’ve been a player in the Lake Park story and that just makes me curious. Oh, wait, you didn’t know? Well, put on your “what the heck!” cap, it’s time to start wondering “what the heck?” a little more often. The plan for these cameras was approved by the commission last Wednesday night. Done. However, the underlying practices that brought this and other projects our way continue and beg our consideration. This is important. Look under the veneer of the “goodies” to the price we will pay, not merely in funds but also in the proviso attached to each. What’s been set into place? What is gained and by whom? Oh, and another thing…how do we as a local community maintain our rightful proximity to our town government (this is supposed to be where we have the greatest access and impact) if federal tentacles are allowed to wrap themselves around us? I’m curious and concerned, are you?

If something makes you say “hmmm, “put ’em up” and find out why! Lake Park business is your business. It’s important that the eyes of Lake Park open wide and focus on how town decisions influence us on the street where we live, now and in the future. With all eyes on the whole of this town, we’ll gain far deeper security than a few blocks worth of randomly monitored cameras will afford.

So far, quite a bit of what’s posted on this blog has come from residents who saw or experienced something that prompted them to “put ’em up”. Ask around, look things up (town documents are available online), attend town meetings and share what you observe.

Face it, we won’t all agree…

I’m sure this blog may present some thoughts you disagree with…but opposing viewpoints are welcome here. Let us know your take in the comments. Feisty and clever debate is encouraged. We think we have a pretty good sense of humor and are not afraid to “put ’em up” by hashing out our concerns with thoughtful engagement or a tongue planted firmly in cheek. Please join us.

If you’re angry, we understand. Anger can be a great motivator that gets someone off their backside and involved. However, please refrain from maligning others or using the comments to carry out personal attacks; comments with obscenities will be deleted.

Wonder, ask, read, speak up! You’ll be amazed what’s going on out there. Seriously. Lake Park is an interesting little place. “Put ’em up” by engaging in your sacred responsibility as a citizen to hold our government accountable.

There is plenty to keep us busy for quite some time, right here, close to home, and it matters!

So, come on… put ’em up, put ’em up and join us in a clash of ideas!