Coming soon to the street where you live

Did you all receive this flyer recently? I’m not sure of the exact date of the installation, or if these are going to be installed in all or only part of Lake Park, but it looks like the monitoring of our electricity consumption is about to take a huge leap forward. I believe this is News From the Street that we should be aware of.

The FAQ provided by FPL leaves unanswered questions about this story that make me say “hmmmm…” such as

  • What information will be collected about my household from this system?
  • Who will have access to this information?
  • Will the information be shared, and if so, with whom?
  • Does this new system give FPL power to regulate my energy consumption?
  • How much will my rates rise as a result of this being installed? The answer they give about this on the FAQ seems deliberately unclear and lays the responsibility at the feet of the consumer, (basically they say that energy usage affects your rate and since you make the decision about how much you use, then, well, they can’t exactly say.) So, I’ll personally take that as a “yes, your rates will rise, but you if you choose, you could just use less energy”. That topic is, however, another whole story by itself that we can discuss another day. So it begins.
  • Are we a test area?
  • Did the Town of Lake Park have to approve this?
  • Since GE is the company FPL is working with to impose this system upon us and GE is closely tied to the current White House administration (President of GE, Jeffrey Immelt, heads the President of the United States’ panel on job creation and according to the Washington Examiner has very close ties with the President, including sitting on the President’s Economic recovery Advisory Board as well), shouldn’t we be extremely concerned about privacy and what happens to the information collected? The privacy issues involved here are a concern to begin with, but add in the government factor and it is just one more step toward loss of personal freedom and privacy, which everyone should be concerned about.
You can read FPL’s information about the SMART Meter and the FPL SMART Meter FAQ, or you can call: 1-800-871-5711 and ask your own questions.
I don’t have time to call to ask questions myself right now, so if anyone wants to do that and let me know what they find out by email or in the comments, please do! Maybe you have other questions or concerns. Let us know your thoughts on this.
For further reading on privacy issues related to Smart Meters, I found this article at The American Dream website this morning while looking into this.
Below is the informational side of the FPL Flyer on the SMART Meter installation in our town.PS: If you think this is the latest, greatest thing for us, the consumer, please let us know! I would like to hear from those of you who have other thoughts on it.