A Good Old-Fashioned Money Mystery

Headed to the beach? Out on the boat? Sitting under the AC vent trying to keep cool? Well, here’s a little something to bide your time… another good read. Don’t be fooled. You might think it a yawner, but I’m suggesting you consider it more like a good old fashioned mystery novel, if you will. If you’ve been reading this blog, you might remember that as we’ve gone looking for the chapters to the Lake Park story, we’ve found them spread hither and yon and even hidden in the most unlikely of places. We’re on a quest to find each one so we can unravel the narrative and keep our hometown humming as it should for our own sakes. And a new chapter has just recently been released.

If you’re wondering where we are headed next as a town, it’s in here! After all, it must be; there are reams and reams of pages, each pointing fingers, winking and nodding; surely they’ll give us a clue. But take note, the authors left off the page numbers (tricky, tricky) so dog-earing your “favorites”will be a challenge. I guess they were trying to make it more fun for the detectives among us. Or perhaps the authors just knew we’d be so caught up in the plot that we’d read cover to cover in one sitting. So, don’t let them down and don’t put it down, and take notes as you go. You may just have a few questions when you’re through.

Whether this Show Me The Money mystery chapter enlightens priorities that will receive a shower of dollar bills or whether it mumbles apologies to those who are just out of luck this year, it’s got something to say about winners and losers and who it is that makes that happen – for whom, and why. We should get in on it. We don’t want to miss a thing because it will unveil something of the outcome of the story. Our outcome and our story.


So, if your are saying, “Show Me The Money!”; here it is: The Town of Lake Park Proposed Budget All Funds FY 2011-2012

When you’ve finished, come to the “budget writer’s workshop” where the authors will expound upon the tale they are writing, and maybe we’ll get a glimpse of how it’s all going to pan out this year. The budget workshop will be held at Town Chambers on Wednesday, July 27th at 6:00 p.m..

Hope you’ll join us there. Let’s remind the authors we’re reading, we’re watching, we’re tallying totals and keeping tabs on the characters. The plot line will always be closely tied to money and the control of it, so get out your magnifying glasses and follow along;  it’s a good old-fashioned money mystery!