A Classic Government Game Show


These people dressed as they are come from all over Lake Park to make deals here in the marketplace of Town Hall. Let’s – Make – A – Deal! [Fanfare]

The name of our game? The Proposed Budget Workshop

We may lack a flashy title, but come play this Wednesday night at 6:00 p.m. at the Town Chambers where we’ll find out what’s behind door #1, door #2 and door #3!

Yes, the Proposed Budget Workshop to some will feel like a classic government game show! There may not be any hysterical contestants jumping up and down, shrieks of joy, theme music and the ding of the bell followed by wild applause, but don’t rule out a few lucky ones going home with armloads of goodies just the same! This “town show” should draw huge crowds because the biggest giveaways will also be exciting cash prizes. Don’t rule out that one lucky contestant winning the coveted Brand New Carrrrrrr! I can’t wait!

Be there as we boil the budget down to a few hours of fun “on stage”. Don’t be fooled though, behind the scenes careful hands will have already crafted the script well before showtime and set the prizes behind their respective doors. Public participation? Well, count us as those in the back of the audience who didn’t make it to down front where the goodies get handed out. We’re perhaps more like the sponsors who pay for all the prizes. And we’ll watch as others have “all the fun”. From the back of the audience, the action will feel about as genuine as some of the contestants on Let’s Make a Deal.

So Jim, tell us what they’ve won!

Have you clicked the link on our post from Saturday and checked out what is waiting behind doors 1, 2 and 3? You’ll love the prizes! Please stop in ahead of time and see!

I took a sneak peek for over two hours last night. There’s so much there, a lot like backstage at Let’s Make a Deal, I think! Later today if I have time, I’ll let you know what kinds of prizes I found that our town plans to award its favorite contestants! It’s gonna be a great show. Hope you’ll be there on Wednesday!

Ding, ding, ding!