I See Nothing!

UPDATE: My apologies if you tried to view the clip earlier today. I did not realize it was not working properly. It has been fixed. Enjoy!

It’s time to get involved. Yes, I’m calling you out.

There’s a whole lot of something going on behind the decision makers’ doors throughout this town and the jig is up. Some of us have decided to shrug off that Sgt. Schultz mentality that pervades the town consciousness. We are watching and working behind the scenes now because decisions are being made that matter to us personally. Once you take a look within the stately facade of Town Hall, the inner workings tell many tales and we are concerned about the outcome.

Tonight at 7:00 p.m. in the Town Chambers a significant number of decisions will be made that allow town government into our lives in ways we should know and be concerned about. We can close our eyes and turn our backs like Schultz because it is unpleasant, difficult, messy or tedious, but we do so at our own peril and at the peril of our future.

I don’t know about you, but I figure I’ll be here in Lake Park for the long haul. I have a stake in this town. It is my home and it matters, now and for my future. Leaving my home to someone (who may or may not share my values), to do with as they please is RIDICULOUS! We wouldn’t do that with our homes and families, yet it IS what we are doing by allowing the town that envelopes our homes to proceed unchecked.

And you might want to find out if those who are making the decisions for you have the same stake in the place as you do. Are they going to be here for the long haul to face the consequences of the choices they make? Are they vested in the place personally or are they just making a buck and a name and securing a little more power for themselves before they move along? What is their track record? Where have they been and what have they done in the past that would indicate what we are in for? Will they pull the strings and set policies into place and then move along? It would be good to know.

What is being done in and to our town today will affect our lives tomorrow. Plans, regulations, ordinances and town decisions matter. They may seem mundane on the surface but the story they tell is actually quite fascinating. More importantly, they matter to your freedom and your wallet. These are two things I find worthy of protection. How about you?

Whose image is our town being made into? Do you know what the leaders and employees of the town value and why? Will their policies and decisions and the framework they are implementing give us more or less rights as property owners “going forward”? Are their decisions based in feel-good words and concepts that gloss over something more? I suggest they are, and in the days to come we will begin to show how each of us along with our homes and property are being affected.

Do you see nothing? Do you hear nothing? Do your Commissioners and Mayor see nothing and hear nothing?

Another decision-making night is ahead of us. Who will ask important questions, discussing and debating the decisions that so often get rushed along at town meetings? Will our Commissioners and Mayor?

More importantly… will you?

I see something, something, and I will not ignore it any longer. I hope you will join us and get involved tonight and “going foward”.

If you cannot attend, please watch on channel 18.