A Thank you

I would like to say thank you to the commission for taking time to further consider the issue of employee health insurance benefits at last night’s meeting!

A resident, Susan Lloyd, brought this to the town’s attention, making a whole lot of common sense about the generous benefits received by town employees.  Their coverage is paid 100% by the taxpayers and premium rates were set to increase 13%.  For some reason the acceptance of this was up for a vote last night even though the passage would have increased costs this coming year by around $60,000 between health and dental.

This is money that could be going toward one or two people in the town employ perhaps keeping their job for another year or toward any number of other town needs. Suggestions were made regarding perhaps requiring employees to make some contribution toward their insurance or get bids from other companies to see if we can lower premium costs.

Thanks to the Commission for allowing further consideration of the matter. Once again due to Commissioner Longtin’s insistence, the matter was pressed even though commissioners were being encouraged by the Town Manager and Town Attorney, guided by the Agent of Record, The Gehring Group to accept and vote for it’s passage.

It was not clear to everyone why this issue was even being brought to a vote last night outside of the budget in the first place, as at the end of the discussion, it was stated that there is some time to look at this and see if they can find another way to go on it.

All said, just a word of thanks to those who dug in their heels and took this seriously. Many residents are appreciative!