Keeping Marina Security Above Board

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The following is a public statement made at the August 3, 2011 Town Commission meeting by Captain Ken Gibson, President, Majestic Princess Cruises. The statement was made in regard to security cuts which were recently put into effect at the Marina.
We bring you this exchange to open your eyes to the issues facing the Marina and its patrons.
Statement by Captain Ken Gibson:

Hello, Mr. Mayor, Commissioners – my name is Kenneth Gibson I am the President of Majestic Princess Cruises Inc., a 24 year veteran of the US Coast Guard and a US Coast Guard Licensed Master with more than 900 thousand miles as Captain aboard private, government, and commercial vessels.  Our company has been a slip holder in Lake Park Harbor Marina for 3 years with as much as 200 feet of dockage. I am here tonight to address one subject.

It has come to my attention that the security hours were cut some time ago from 12 hours to 8 hours in the Marina.  I nor have any of the few slip holders that are remaining that I have spoken to, were ever informed of this change.

Every month when we pay our slip rental fee we have been paying for the services that were agreed upon such as water, power, parking, etc.  One of these services was live security from 6PM to 6AM.   Not informing “your customers” the slip holders of this breach in security left our person and property at risk.

I understand the need for local municipalities to cut back in the current economic times but this is a service that we pay for and should not be punished because the Towns inability to properly run the marina or fill the many empty slips.

Mr. Mayor – Commissioners Thank you.

After Captain Gibson’s public comment, the Lake Park Town Manager, Maria Davis, responded to him verbally from the dais.

The letter below was written by Captain Gibson to Ms. Davis as a follow-up to her verbal response.

Ms. Davis,
Thank you for your response to my question/statement at tonight’s meeting. This email is not to place you on report or demean you in anyway I hope it opens your eyes from another perspective.  I am very serious about security at the marina and I get very excited when I am not treated as a “customer”. I must say, cutting the security at the marina by 1/3rd and then stating it is not on the contract with a “so there” attitude is a complete cop-out.  You know as well as I the contract is written only to benefit LPHM period.  When I sell a dinner cruise I don’t mention anything about providing napkins but if I don’t my customers that were on board last month when napkins were available would be upset and NEVER come back.  A very important item like removing 1/3rd of the security does not warrant a simple piece of paper on the office bulletin board.  80 % of YOUR “customers” do not go into the office with the exception to sign their annual contract once a year.   Mike Pisano has been very receptive over the past 3 years to my comments on security as I am at the boat very late at night and see things that have been very important to him.  I see a common theme when dealing with these types of issues, it is the “lack” of “customer” relations.  I have never seen the “customer is always right” attitude from any town employee.  I like others, care about LPHM and are very frustrated at the lack of importance given to slip holders “again your customers”.  I know the standard attitude that has been present by some that if you don’t like it get out, that again is just a cop-out and could be another reason why you’re experiencing a empty marina.  I would like to see the Town Marina full and prosperous but I don’t think it will ever happen unless the mindset is allowed to change.  The safety of my wife, employees, and “customers” are paramount to me and I would ask that you reconsider thedecision and re-instate the security to their original hours.
Your Customer
Captain Ken Gibson
Majestic Princess Cruises
As of this posting, Captain Gibson has received no response from the Town Manager.