Safety and Security on The Street Where You Live

UPDATE: Here is the link to The District 10 Town of Lake Park Map (found on the PBSO District 10 page) which shows the corresponding call locations for the location codes on the PBSO Activity Response Report. Helpful for understanding where the various activity occurred.

Today I point those who are interested to the PBSO District 10 reports for the month of July, just because it’s important to keep an eye on the security aspect of what is happening on the street where we live as well as keeping watch over the political scoop.

Please also take a moment to click the PBSO District 10 link and familiarize yourself with the Sheriff’s Office that is in charge of town safety and security. Here you will find a letter from Lt. Pete Palenzuela to the residents of Lake Park and some handy information, including a Lake Park map, some community resources, contact information, a district summary and photos.

The reports to which I have linked below are not exhaustive but may give you a feel for some of what has been going on here and there around town this past month, and which of it, if any, might have been happening near you. Much of what is listed may be of little interest, however, from time to time you may discover a clue to something you were wondering about or that you should be aware is going on around the block or down the street from where you live!

PBSO District 10 Activity Report July 2011 – This is a review of notable activity and arrests for the month of July, 2011. There are also several summaries following the review. This report states there were 4,079 calls for service in the month of July.

PBSO Response Time Report July 2011 – This may or may not be of interest to you, but it does provide a sense of the type of situations the Sheriff’s department is being called out to deal with and once again may clue you in to something you were wondering about. I have not yet had the time to research what the location reference numbers on this report relate to as far as areas within Lake Park. If anyone has that information and would let us know in the comments, please do. Otherwise, I will try to find that information and provide an update if I am able to come up with the information.

Also, if you are a member of the Community Watch group or C.O.P. (Citizen Observer Patrol) and you would like to give us some insight into the purpose and mission of your group and what it has been accomplishing, please share in the comments or let me know by email so I can post the information for our residents. There may be those who would like to become involved but are not aware of  what goes on in the meetings, whether or not the groups take part in activities outside of the meetings, and what is required, if anything, in order for them to join in. You can be our liason. We hope to hear from you.

According to the town website, Community Watch meets on the second Wednesday of every month at 6:30 p.m. at the Fire Station at 1000 Park Avenue. (No phone number for this group was provided.)  If anyone has any information from last night’s meeting that they would like to pass along, please do.

C.O.P. meets (according to the town website) on the second Wednesday of every month at 6:30 p.m. at the PBSO building at 700 6th Street. (Phone: 881-3326)

It’s a good idea that we all be alert, be prepared and stand guard on the Street Where We Live!