In This Modern World

In a world awash with political correctness, it is refreshing to find there are still those who will boldly take a stand and speak out on critical issues rather than merely wading in safe but murky waters where the sentiment “let’s all just get along” does little more than provide bait for sharks.

There is too much at stake now to waste time milling about in shallow water. There are huge waves about to wash ashore. Open debate will be essential if we are to get to the heart of the matter regarding what corrections must be made. It is time for bold strength and “courage of conviction” to make their way back to the public lexicon. Thank goodness for those who are willing to swim out to the PC tidal wave and master it by saying what they mean and meaning what they say. Jim Lloyd is one such individual. He is not afraid to speak boldly and with heart. We know where he stands, we know he cares and that is refreshing in this wishy-washy age. With that said, I present the following post which was written by guest blogger, Jim Lloyd.


In This Modern World, by Jim Lloyd

In this modern world, we who have concerns about the future daily ask ourselves what in Heaven’s name is going on? How could  S&P have downgraded the credit standing of the USA, and communist China (not in my mind a people’s republic nor anything like it) sea trial it’s first aircraft carrier on the same day, and the world press not raise an eyebrow? In the late eighteenth century, when we had the impudence to rebel and fight a war for independence from the world’s most powerful nation, one of the most popular fife and drum ditties that men marched to their death with was titled “The World Turned Upside-Down”. My, how history repeats itself.

How can this be? How can my fellow Americans possibly have let things slide to this level? How could they possibly have elected a completely inexperienced radical communist with a background erased from the records (not enough there to be hired as a security guard at our marina) as the occupant of the White House? I can only guess. We get up, brush our teeth, and go to work. (That is, the 40+% of us who pay taxes.) With all the other stuff that goes along with living, are we too occupied to see the big picture?

Never in the history of Man has an all-powerful central government ever succeeded. So why are we rushing there at local, state and federal levels? I referred to town hall as “Washington DC jr.” jokingly a couple of months ago. The more I learned about town government and it’s goals, the less of a joke it became. The state has outlined four forms of municipal government. We supposedly operate under the town manager – commission description. But for over a decade the commission has let the folks who elected them down, way down. The last three town managers, in my humble opinion, have gone beyond their described duties and done things (with no commission opposition) which have and will cost us dearly.

Did the millions of your dollars spent on Park Avenue increase the traffic by a single car? Did all the expensive non-boater-friendly planning of the marina (where premium floating docks are a golf cart ride away from the offices) cause it to be full and profitable? Will the millions of your dollars already spent to accommodate pedestrian traffic (now running into the dozens) cause another boater to rent a slip at the near empty marina? But the “free money” ideologues (they actually use that phrase in our commission chamber when referring to grants) gleefully maintain the “if you can get it spend it” attitude that when magnified nation wide, has caused the calamity we  now witness. They harass two commissioners attempting to repair six broken water sprinkler heads on their street (the result of months or years of no maintenance) with alleged “sunshine law” violations and solve the hundred dollar problem with a forty-plus thousand dollar grant.

Let me remind them (our elected) for the thousandth time, there ain’t no free money, it comes out of the tax-payer’s pocket; whether it’s local, state, or federal… the people who get up five or six days a week and brush their teeth and go out and work and pay taxes…it’s their money you’re spending.

A word of advice, in closing, to those currently in control…pay much less attention to those whose culture fosters distain for success… they ain’t payin’ your paychecks…we who strive are…and we’re beginning (Thank God) to wake up.

After thought: I have been described as angry and not willing to compromise by family, friends, and neighbors. In these possible last days of the Republic, I say, to compromise is to surrender.