Along the Way to the Next Town Meeting

Here is a rundown of items of interest since the last meeting, issues we’ve had questions and concerns about and topics which we are researching and keeping an eye on for upcoming votes:

Keeping Marina Security Above Board  Security Cuts & Customer Service  at the Marina – Public Comments and a follow up letter from Capt. Ken Gibson to the Town Manager

Doing Homework ~ Avoiding Cliffs  Ordinance 05-2011 Bank Foreclosures – Consensus – Concerns about the ordinance and the ramifications of it in regards to bureaucracy, financially and personally (as far as property rights go). Insight into the disconcerting process of decision making by the town.

Connecting Dots   Grants – Longevity Pay – The Sheriff’s Dept. and the Marina, Connections in regard to the Town’s Lobbyist – Information regarding the town Attorney and a link to an article.

A Meeting of the Minds Information on Community Redevelopment (CRA) and wrap up from the meeting between the Town Manager, staff and members of Citizens Requiring Accountability from Politicians on the CRA.

Safety and Security on the Street Where You LiveInformation on the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department (District 10), along with Activity and Response Reports for July, and links to their site and those reports.

In This Modern WorldAn article by guest blogger, Jim Lloyd – a look at how big government and the ideology behind it has caused our nation and our town to run amok. “Compromise is surrender!”

Not Without CoffeeLinks to the 8-17-11 Meeting Agenda (7-13-11 Meeting Minutes embedded within), The Comprehensive Plan 2008, a listing of items within The Plan which show our town’s mindset and goals (The Capital Improvements part is up for vote tonight but the plan is something we should all get to know and pay attention to), Sustainable Development, and a look at how our Town’s Plan for the future is shaped and guided by the County and how our quest for grants keeps us beholden to them and their dictates.

In Touch With The PastThoughts on how the past shapes our decisions today, the importance of following what has been said and done that got us here, keeping our eyes open, making note of errors and discrepancies, trending the patterns, and finally, a question regarding the status of the Eyes On Park grant.

Also, the Marina issues (Interlocal Agreement, etc.) are still a constant concern and we are working with the town in this regard as well as striving to hold them accountable during this process. 

Got concerns? Please come and raise them with the commission tonight.

It’s your Street!  We hope you’ll prepare and participate by knowing what is going on, asking questions and expecting results. Tonight’s meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. in the Town Chambers, which is located downstairs at Town Hall (Greenbriar Drive side).

We’re in this together. Please stand guard with us!