Showdown on Main Street

A clash of ideas is about to go down on main street and it’s going to play out as another in a series of important budget showdowns tomorrow, Wednesday, August 24th at 6:00. Next year’s spending will soon be decided by the Lake Park commission and time is running out for you to get a grip on what they intend to do with your money. You might like to have a say as to HOW they will spend what you’ve earned and HOW MUCH of it they will help themselves to after they rifle through your wallet.

Please attend this meeting. From what I understand, the public will not have a chance to speak, however, this is your opportunity to listen in on their conversation. You will, no doubt, be enlightened by what you hear. (If this is wrong, and the public is going to be allowed to speak, someone please feel free to correct me.) Come and pay close attention. They will tell you what they intend to do. They will tell you who they are. Know what that is and get a grasp of how they feel the streets of small town Lake Park should be run. Do you know what your commission believes about the role of government in your life?

You own this town!

Government creates no wealth, they own nothing that doesn’t come from you. That’s your money they’ll be discussing on Wednesday night. Government takes from you, the citizen, and passes your money around to those they want to benefit, as they see fit. They decide how to do that according to their worldview. So what is that worldview? Do you know? Do you agree with how they are running this place and spending your money? They have indicated that they don’t have the money to maintain our town and improve as needed, so they take to the streets, begging for more outside money (grants) to do those things which should be their foremost responsibility. So where is all that money of YOURS going then? I suggest you come and find out. 

Are you gonna hold onto your wallet with a protective grip or let them help themselves to what’s in there without a fight? If you were to read the town budget for the coming year, you’d likely have quite a few questions, concerns and perhaps a sinking feeling in your gut. What is Lake Park government doing that benefits the residents as a whole? Are their plans your plans? Is their vision anything like what you care about? This is your chance to do something. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

As you listen to the clash of words and ideas between big and small government tomorrow, prepare your questions for the September meetings when you will have your say.

Come September, you will have a chance to join the town commission on main street to speak your mind and DEFEND YOUR WALLET. However, first, you have to know what you’re up against and what they intend on doing with your hard-earned cash.

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