Boats, Water, the Setting Sun…

…and NO HURRICANE for us!

If the outskirts of  Hurricane Irene stay far enough beyond our shore this Friday evening, a celebration will be in order. Because just think, you could have been hunkered down without power, listening to the sound of a wild wind beating against your shutters and unsuccessfully trying not to open the refrigerator for the 15th time.

The Sunset Celebration at the Lake Park Harbor Marina offers residents a chance to revel in South Florida’s beauty and our town’s charming waterfront. Why not come and bask in the tropical setting, wander along the waterside, enjoy local artists’ work and have a bite to eat while kicking back under the setting sun? The evening will be dressed in a colorful island atmosphere, and parking is free during the Sunset Celebration. So head over and live like you have no worries… for a couple of hours anyway. You can catch up with reality later.

As of this writing, according to the Lake Park Harbor Marina website, the Sunset Celebration remains on the schedule. Keep an eye on the weather and if it continues to cooperate, stop on over and enjoy the sunset along with your neighbors. It all happens this Friday, August 26th, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Hopefully, there will be a contingency of Citizens Requiring Accountability from Politicians on hand to say hello and answer any questions you may have about what they are doing to help hold Lake Park Town Government accountable.

We hope you can be there!

And please don’t forget…TONIGHT at 6:00 p.m. the town commission will be holding another Budget Workshop on the Proposed Lake Park Budget for 2011/2012 (click the link to see the budget.) You can also view the Proposed Wage Details for 2011/2012 by clicking HERE. The future of our town builds upon the decisions made today. Check out the proposed budget, pay attention and do something to make your thoughts known. Call or write to your town officials and tell them where you stand on how they spend your money.

Hold them accountable!