A Prescription to Stop the Bleeding

Update: I accidentally wrote Brent, as “Ken” earlier. Sorry about that. Also, Mayor DuBois has responded to Brent’s letter and that response is posted below the original letter. I have also updated the post with new photos that Brent has just provided. Thank you, Brent!

In light of the current management issues at the Lake Park Harbor Marina, Brent Headberg has been working on solutions. The following proposal was sent by Capt. Headberg to the Town Commission members today. We’ll keep you posted.

Dear Town Commission:
As a gesture with a more positive note, I would like to offer an idea for consideration that might improve the image of our marina and provide an incentive for success.I think the Town’s marina would be better served and managed by removing the political influence by advertising for a property management consultant with incentives above and beyond the cost of operating expenses. This is what was called “REINVENTING GOVERNMENT” a few years back. In these hard economic times, we need to implement that mindset now more than ever.

This is done all the time in other government agencies and it is cost effective if the contract is written with teeth. It’s a well known fact that private business is more efficient and cost conscience than government. Sorry to have to say that, but that is the fact.

I’m sure there are numerous property management companies who are already under contract with government entities to use as a model plan.

I would like to see this put on the next agenda for discussion and consideration. The financial bleeding at the marina must be stopped and a solution to this continuous budget deficit has to be resolved.

When I see the cash flow spreadsheet red numbers growing exponentially every month and nobody even attempts to address it, I am compelled to jump in here and get someone’s attention…offer up some ideas…get others to put their thinking cap on. The majority of our citizens rely on the Town to get the job done, but I want to be actively involved and represent those who don’t want to come forward.

If the marina was managed by a private company under contract, the Town staff would only have to manage the contract, instead of manage the entire marina. This would be a big burden taken off the Town’s shoulders. As a public servant myself, for the past 18 years, I have been very successful in managing contracts for the protection of the tax payers who fund the capital assets and maintenance of those assets.

I’m sure of it, the image and the success for the future of our marina depends on it. You, the Commission are in the position to be the heroes and find the solutions and make the hard decisions needed to properly care for the tax payers money.


Captain Brent A. Headberg
M/V Knot II Fast

Mayor Dubois’ Response:

Third party management is a possibility and the town could take requests for qualifications. If that is the direction of the commission then it would be pursued.

I believe that before the rebuilt marina was opened the town commission considered whether to self manage or outsource management. The town wanted to maintain control of this asset under its own authority.
James DuBois

Empty prime slips at the Lake Park Harbor Marina which have remained mostly empty for the better part of year.