In The Vicinity of “The Street”

Poplar Court has been barricaded for quite a long time now with obtrusive orange and white barriers and a “road closed” sign. I believe it was at one of last month’s commission meetings that there was some discussion of a permanent structure with plantings being constructed there to close off the street. Still, no visible work has begun and no date for completion was provided to my knowledge. I’m sure residents would appreciate a speedy resolution to the matter. It’s an eyesore for those who live there and for any who drive by even while going down Northlake Boulevard.

There was a CRA Meeting scheduled for next week on Thursday but that has apparently been changed. I believe it will now be held on Wednesday before the commission meeting. Also please note that the next public hearing regarding the budget is not listed on the Town Calendar. It was previously scheduled for next week. I am not sure what is happening with that. I will post the actual date and time for both of these meetings under the Stand Guard page as soon as I find out when they will be held. In the meantime, prepare, read the proposed budget. (And I would tell you to read the minutes from the Budget workshops or some of the recent town meetings if you want to get informed, but the town has not posted minutes online for over two months. Feel free to contact Town Hall about this.) Numerous town employee insurance benefit plans have been proposed to reduce spending but the most significant of these was not considered by the majority of the commission at the public hearing. Many plans were presented by the Gerhing Group and one of them provides significant savings over the plan which the majority seems intent on pursuing. Why is this plan not being discussed? Keep current with what is happening and hold the commission accountable to listen to and respond to your concerns when they vote. Further major reductions in the budget need to be made to bring it back on track with current reality and then the savings need to be retained as actual cuts rather than immediately being sunk into other new ventures.

For those interested in helping to clean up a stretch of road bordering Riviera Beach, the Public Works department is taking part in a volunteer event for this purpose. The Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup will take place on Saturday, September 17, 2011 from 8:00 a.m. to noon on Silver Beach Road from Reed Road to Congress Avenue (this is West of Old Dixie) and you are invited to participate. Free event T-shirts will be provided while supplies last, but you are asked to pre-register (see link). I think it is always worthwhile to note the agenda behind what our town, county and national government organizations are doing. Cleaning up and volunteering is great on a personal level, but I thought it should be mentioned that this event is sponsored by an organization which is part of the big government/grant funded/PC/green/sustainability mindset prevalent within all progressive organizations. This means lots of money is involved. Your tax dollars fund this group whose umbrella this cleanup event is being sponsored under (click around on the site: for proof). It’s called Keep Palm Beach County Beautiful and is funded with millions of dollars of grants. On top of that, this Saturday’s clean up event is sponsored by businesses as well. Still, they need you to come out and actually do the dirty work. I guess the organizations themselves will be too busy collecting and spending all that money. (I’m sure it takes a lot of tax dollars to collect trash data and track the kind of garbage being picked up – see the link provided for more information on this.) So, you get out there, be a “good citizen” and clean up Silver Beach Road, but just know that you are also paying for this organization through your tax dollars and presumably paying your town government to take care of our roads as well. Sounds to me, then, like those who participate are being asked to do double duty and to do the job someone else is already being paid to do but apparently aren’t. That is just my personal opinion on the matter. When the government gets involved in volunteerism, one should always look closely and follow the money and the agenda behind the organizations.

Palm Beach Gardens Indoor Garage Sale at the Burns Road Recreation Center will be held this Saturday, September 17th from 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. The gym will be filled with folks selling their stuff. I went last year and it was a great sale with some very good deals. Since our town doesn’t hold such an event that I am aware of, this could work as your stand in. This is a rain or shine indoor event.

If you are having a Garage Sale of your own in Lake Park, please let me know and I’ll post an announcement about it on the blog.

According to the Lake Park town website, there is a Free Line Dancing Class each Monday from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. at the Lake Shore Park Pavilion at US1 and Park Avenue. Please see the Town website for contact information.

According to The Town website, Lake Park, Parks and Recreation is accepting registration for Flag football, basketball and Soccer for ages 6-18. For information, you can call the Lake Park Parks & Recreation at (561) 881-3338. The registration fee for each is $35.00.

Lake Park, Parks & Recreation, The Kids Police Tennis Association and USTA Florida are offering FREE tennis lessons for kids ages 4-18. According to the town’s website, tennis pro, Itamar Macedo and members of the K.P.T.A will be instructing on the basics Wednesday nights 6-7 p.m. Equipment included. Call the town Parks & Recreation Department for more information or to sign up. (561) 881-3338.

As always, Community Watch meets on the second Wednesday of each month, and that would be TONIGHT at 6:30. The group meets at the Fire Station on Park Avenue and 10th Street. Join others in their efforts to stay informed and to keep watch over the street where we live!

The C.O.P. meeting will be held next Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. at the PBSO building at 700 6th Street.

If you know of any upcoming events that might be of interest to Lake Park residents, please send me an email with the information at