Rewriting History ~ Taking Aim at Truth

Light shatters darkness.

I carry a torch for my love, “Truth”.

It’s eternal power sets me free.

“Silence” is our enemy. So I stand and speak.



During her husband’s presidential election, Michelle Obama said:

“Barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place as a nation.”

… and not only has Barack been working on this national rewrite and moving us to a “different place as a nation”, so has Hollywood, so have the unions, so have the news and media hosts, magazine editors, book publishers, music producers and so have, for sure, your children’s teachers. Believe it or not, you can now also chalk one up for some of our own town officials as well.

The rebranding and remolding of the mind of our nation is happening one day, one word, one individual at a time. It has been happening on so many levels and in so many forms, that we may not recognize why, but we might even find ourselves using words and phrases that have no basis in traditional American principles. Many in our country have begun accepting ideas that are the antithesis of our nation’s founding, and they have been led to believe this rewrite and these incremental nudges as if they are Truth. They accept them because either they don’t know Truth or because they have been inundated over and over with these “new traditions and conversations” through TV or when reading, or while listening to national leaders, or through the sway of clever advertising and music, and even through the proclamations of small town officials, until they just got used to the language and the ideas. It never occurred to them to think these things through, to question and reject them.

Some can’t say exactly when this new “reality” became lodged at times even in their own hearts, making its way up to their throats and hanging on the tip of their tongues, but it has, and some of it has been making its way out in their conversations. Those who have succombed, now find themselves maybe unwittingly taking part in the grand rewrite of America. Have you been duped? Have you become a participator in this “new conversation” without realizing it?

The beat down upon America in all its glory is without a doubt one of the most egregious assaults coming out of our culture, even through something called the History Channel, ironically. The distortions and rewrites presented come from every venue and can be mind-numbing. Knowing real history is more important than ever because the “authorities” you are presented with in every form of media will quite often be “rebranding” rather than”recounting”history. Please don’t waste your time looking in current textbooks or watching movies or TV for real history; go to original sources. The homework never ends, but if you don’t do it (and do it yourself), the world around you will school you as it sees fit. It is actively, relentlessly pursuing your reeducation, and the outcome will not be pretty.

Have you noticed that there is an emptiness emanating from many who proclaim leadership across our nation; the America so often portrayed today feels foreign and murky and kind of creepy and despondent and weak. Those who espouse a new sort of America use humanistic buzzwords to send the message that they are THE people of compassion. However, the soul and the actual outcome behind the display feels sadly lacking, and it points instead to a sense that the true “American spirit” is missing from their resume.

For one, they keep a victim always handy, ready to pull it out and wave it around whenever they need to support their altered view of America. A nation built on victimization will crumble. You can see the potential of this already as nearly 46 million Americans now receive food stamps. These Americans are encouraged to become handout addicts. As many as possible are coddled to keep them needy and voting for those who will continue to provide their support. In the process, the coddled class is becoming a class of “useful idiots”. This makes for a very weak foundation.

Leaders are working to increase the numbers in this group, creating a new kind of slavery, and in so doing are recreating our nation into one of takers rather than givers, whiners rather than encouragers, users instead of builders, victims rather than fighters and dupes who know nothing except what they have been “lied into” by their television sets and their reading material.

Those who want to change our history have done their best to distort the God-fearing among us, the flag-waving, the charitable, gun-carrying, self-reliant and responsible; these are portrayed as angry, hateful, racist, narrow-minded, hokey and uncaring. The rewriters of our history will accuse those who challenge them of wanting the old, infirm and the children to suffer, and they will argue, you must be very selfish. If you stand against their inevitable “soft tyranny”, you are accused of being heartless, cold and unfeeling. It’s all a grand twist of the Truth and reality, and in fact, those who are damaging the old, infirm and children are those who encourage their helpless victimhood rather than encouraging their responsible and self-reliant strength. The strengths that built the nation into a beacon for the world, and which has lifted many from poverty, offered aid in times of disaster and brought wealth and hope, has also raised the status of people all around the world and liberated nations from tyranny. Now they ask us to step back, retreat, stop thriving, as if for us to do without will somehow make things better for our nation and for their “victims”.

And the murky, despondent feeling I’m sensing in those who stand before the microphones of the world is not due to current economic woes. What I’m sensing is an absence of traditional belief systems and classic American values; a lack of true strength, the kind that stands with feet firmly planted in Truth during high times and depressing lows. This is the kind that shines and succeeds even when challenges come, the kind that faces trouble and defeats it. Unfortunately the “American rewrite” robs a new generation of the understanding of and the power to pursue life, liberty and happiness.

There is an all-out assault on our nation’s foundation, and the foundational target in the crosshairs is TRUTH. No wonder everything has been feeling so shaky.

Tomorrow I’ll continue this discussion with some insight into how at least one of our own town officials has inserted himself into this grand rewrite.