People are Talking

The Town of Lake Park has played host to a number of controversial issues in recent months. Due to the challenge of keeping up with all the twists and turns and details, Brent Headberg, (a member of Lake Park Citizens Requiring Accountability from Politicians) has provided a list of the latest concerns, many of which just came to light last week at the CRA Board meeting and Final Public Hearing of the Lake Park 2011/2012 budget. For more information on other matters or for a more in-depth look at what has been going on in town, you can read previous blog postings where we have highlighted many Lake Park happenings and concerns.

Resident concerns spotlighted by the September 21st meetings:

  • Town Manager’s decision to close the Art Gallery in the CRA, “Art on Park”, without the full commission’s knowledge
  • Debt payments of $500,000 being made from the Town’s General Fund to the CRA
  • Owner of previous Someplace Restaurant is a CRA Board Member and remains so even after closing it.  Loans and Grants were provided to her by the CRA.
  • Option of moving CRA office to Art Gallery building to eliminate paying rent for existing CRA office.
  • Lake Park Marina running a deficit for the past 5 years – concern that there are inaccurate budget numbers in the Marina Fund, yet majority of commission have been silent on the issue.
  • Marina Director offering discounted rates to certain boat owners causing additional shortfalls in the budget. (details to come tomorrow)
  • Majestic Princess Cruises, which was bringing $75,000 in annual revenue to our town, has been turned away.
  • Mayor and two other commissioners rushing to beat the clock before 11 p.m. to pass a budget without input from all Commissioners. Votes cast after 11 p.m. in order to avoid further discussion/debate on another night.
  • Citizens’ discontent about the town not publishing the amendments to the proposed budget ahead of the meeting- Commissioners not being provided a complete budget packet.
  • Budget cut was approved to forgive a $69,000 penalty payment to the CRA, then that money was reappropriated to keep an employee who is a Lake Park resident and believed to be a personal friend of Commissioner Rumsey.
And the list goes on and on and on and on…….


If you have missed any commission meetings and would like to view them on dvd, copies are available by request through the Town Clerk’s office for $5.00.