Small Town “American Pickers”

.Perhaps we share a few similarities with these American Pickers, especially when it comes to “sifting through a bunch of crap”.

Call it what you will… pickin’, junkin’, dumpster diving…everyday on The Street Where You Live is definitely a little like a pickin’ adventure with the help of “Lake Park Citizens Requiring Accountability from Politicians” (C.R.A.P).

We never cease to be amazed with what we come up with when we get lookin’ and digging into the structure of OUR Town. So bear with us as we search through a heap of stuff and ponder all the little gems we manage to excavate. Once we dust things off and lay them all out in order, we hope to rediscover the beauty of the small town American jewel known as Lake Park. By doing the dirty work of “picking” we want to help our town become more accountable, efficient and citizen-friendly…

…which we believe will lead to a more enjoyable Lake Park for those of us who call it home.