…You Haven’t Been Schooled

The following is a little bit about the Library grant which was one of the “city initiatives” our Mayor, Town Manager, Grant Writer and Legislative Advisor (huh?) went to meet Congressman West about a couple of months ago.

The S.M.A.R.T. Lab Library Grant is billed in the grant application as the following:

The Lake Park Library S.M.A.R.T. Lab (Science & Math Are Reaching Teens) is being designed to provide resources for middle and high school students to carry out the independent identification, selection and exploration of issues of interest to them. It is envisioned that this self-directed study will lead to a genuine understanding of the topic under investigation, and that the insight(s) gained will lead to practical applications. With appropriate resources and use of the scientific method, these ideas may be tested through projects or activities. These activities may take place individually or in small groups, as determined by the Teens. The Lab’s resources will include trained mentors with backgrounds in science, technology, engineering and math. The Lab is intended to spark the inherent human curiosity that drives our need to explore, and subsequently provide a canvas for invention and ingenuity.

After looking online for practical insight about this grant, I found that Smart Lab is, in fact, connected to the White House’s “Educate to Innovate” program. This knowledge alone gives cause for concern, discussed below. The following is that web page: Educate to Innovate

The Educate to Innovate video features President Obama and Steven Chu, the Secretary of Energy. The program, from what I could gather from other articles online, seems to be based on a media approach for getting to kids in order to shape the way they process ideas. It is a way to mold the culture of today’s children through media, according to one site I read. It was a program also described as being on par with PBS, so if you have any grasp of their philosphy, you might understand the kind of ideas that could be worked into such a program.

Don’t Look Now, But…

If you don’t understand why being connected to the current administration’s education department might be of concern, you can read THIS at your own risk. (Warning: Not Safe For Work or anything else. “That which has been seen cannot be unseen.” ) I hesitate to even post the link here, but this is what our own children run the risk of being faced with courtesy of our government’s education department, so we certainly better be willing to face it ourselves. We have a responsibility to open our eyes, know what is being taught to them, and by whom, and decide what we will do about it. This is one of many articles from 2009 on the subject. Other articles can be found HERE, HERE and HERE.

There was a huge push to remove this man from his appointed office in 2009. “Safe Schools” Czar, Kevin Jennings has finally stepped down as of July of this year. His work goes on in a non-profit organization now, but his ideas have already been put into place within our educational system. I have not yet had time to find out who took his place, if anyone did, however, the fact that Jennings was appointed to the Obama Administration to promote his idea of “safe schools” should make us very wary about what this administration’s other programs, which our town procures through grant funding, will bring with them into our town.

This is just one good reason we need to be very concerned about the government’s role in our schools, libraries, etc. We’d do well to get the government’s hands off of our kids any time we can. We also need to be very careful about allowing our town to seek funding for grants and programs until we have complete knowledge of what they entail. Are we accepting things merely because they are free without fully investigating what we are implementing? I’m afraid we have been doing this with grants in this town for years, and most of us didn’t have a clue. It is time now to pay attention and reverse the trend when and if it is needed.

Being Cautious and Holding the Town Accountable

This Library program which our town is applying for may be harmless. I am not condemning it. It may be all facts and figures. It may present a fair curriculum without bias, but we’d be fools as a town to proceed with something just because it bears a “nice” name like Library S.M.A.R.T. Lab, after all, Kevin Jennings was called the “SAFE SCHOOLS CZAR”. If anyone has any indepth information about this program, please let us know. I bring up these concerns out of a desire to hold our town accountable and follow the questions and considerations brought about by what I see going on within this administration’s leadership and the programs they have already implemented.

If this program, for which our town is seeking grant money, is proven to be only factually based and valuable to the education of our kids without an ideological tone, that’s great. I am merely asking that we watch and be aware of what is going on behind the scenes. Let’s be sure to connect the dots before accepting something that will “wow” our kids with photos, videos and the cultural transformation of their ideas and mindsets, especially since the description of the program states that:

“The Lab’s resources will include trained mentors…”

Who are the mentors, what do they believe? Important considerations, I would think.

If you haven’t been to school lately, you haven’t been schooled. I was recently flipping through channels and stumbled upon BECON TV, which is a public station known also as the Broward Education Communications Network and it focuses on Broward County schools. However, the item I watched featured kids from Palm Beach Gardens High and other Palm Beach County schools in a program called “Teen Talk”. It was disturbing on a couple of levels. The tactics used on the kids regarding the “green” agenda was disturbing in part because of the way it was presented with a religious tone and religious phrases repeatedly throughout the conversation along with leading questions. It was disturbing to watch the kind of push for certain belief systems going on via the influence of teachers, the school system and even public TV stations such as this one.

I am trying to obtain the video of the show to present more on this topic soon. The re-education of our children according to a progressive worldview is underway and ramping daily.

Stand guard. Watch who and what you vote for. Know before you vote. That means you too, commissioners. Just because something presented for a vote is labeled as “for the children” doesn’t mean it’s innocent. Just look into these things. That’s all I’m asking.

I believe in this case we have a right and a responsibility to know what is being offered to our children through our town library.

More to come as I have time and material to present about what is shaping today’s kids’ cultural viewpoints.