This is What ‘Democracy’ Looks Like

…Democracy vs Republic (part 2)

This is 10 1/2 minutes long, but well worth watching in its entirety.

Veering from the Marina saga today to share this video from the Occupy Atlanta event that took place last week. It is a follow up to the entry posted on September 16 called Democracy vs Republic. I saw this last Sunday but haven’t had time to post it until now, so maybe you have already seen it. If not, you’ll want to. I urge you to watch the entire thing (even if it causes you to vomit, yell at the computer or check to see if The Doctor Is In). Please watch all the way to the end to see how individual rights fare when mob rule, along with mindless idiocy, is proven to be the byproduct of ‘democratic process’. This is what that ‘democracy’ looks like which is being hoisted upon us as a nation today. It is ramping up, both at the “Occupy” events on the national level and interestingly even on the street where we live.

Throughout the video, and again near the end, I was struck by the eerie similarities between this and repeated happenings at Lake Park Commission meetings. Hmmm…I wonder why. If you watch the entire video, you’ll probably notice what they share in common.

At the “Occupy” protests, the silencing of the individual comes by way of the consensus process. This is a ‘group think’ kind of ‘social consciousness’, where everyone merely echoes the thoughts of someone else, agreeing to move their agenda along, like robots or two year olds just learning to talk. An individual speaks but his words are not taken to heart without a constant vote of consensus. This is what democracy looks like, my friends. Majority rule/mob rule. Hereby, the individual is considered a nobody, and a speaker with a bullhorn and a crowd on his side holds the power.

The ensuing display of what is deemed democracy is a testament to its repeated failures in history. Here, imbecilic hand gestures, phony ‘moral’ posturing and the repetitious voice of the man with the mic show a path toward behavior modification, removal of personal liberty and glorification of the communal mindset. Communalism aims to strip us of personal property rights, and the right of the individual is the first thing to go…the very most important personal property there is…your individual self. If you think this isn’t our concern in Lake Park, think again. More on this another day.

Have you noticed that some on the Lake Park dais have indicated by their words, actions and attitudes that they consider themselves to be of superior standing or that perhaps they have more of a right to speak or voice an opinion than someone else? What they say goes and when opposition to their ideas dare arise, it’s quite a bit like what happens in this crowd near the end of the video clip. Notice when they start yelling “mic check!” repeatedly and loudly, in order to silence the individual who opposes consensus. Do you see the correlation between recent events at our town commission meetings and at this gathering? No one is more special than anyone else they’ll say. “Let’s get a consensus” they’ll insist, all the while, using their place in front of the group to sway the outcome.

Maybe while watching this you’ll shake your head or have a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach, maybe you’ll fear for your children’s future or think how sad and empty people’s lives have become that they have fallen for idiocy such as this. Maybe you’ll yawn, wishing you had your ten minutes back. I hope we are not so dead inside that we don’t see what is happening and how it relates to the street where we live or that we are so dead we will not stand up to fight against what threatens our own personal liberties.

If it’s too much trouble to stand up to this, you’d better get your ‘spirit’ fingers limbered up and prepare to participate in a new wave of democratic communication: twinkles. From the looks of the video, you’ll be needing very agile fingers as this democracy  keeps “moving forward” with it’s progressive agenda.