Get Schooled Again

On September 20th, an anti-bullying meeting was held after having been promoted on the Lake Park Town Website home page. The meeting was hosted at the Lake Park Library. The community organization, Bridges presented the meeting, although I do not know who the actual speaker was. The material presented came from and from none other than the SAFE SCHOOLS program. Huh. Isn’t that interesting. Sound familiar from last week’s post about Kevin Jennings, the SAFE SCHOOLS CZAR?

I’ve often noticed that our town promotes and hosts events for Bridges, a community organization. I have seen it listed on the town website and I believe in the town newsletter. But who runs Bridges, and what is their relationship with the town? What is their relationship with the Lake Park Library?

I guess we’d better take a seat in the classroom. I’m afraid it’s time we all get schooled again.

I’m sorry to say, that if  you are one of those who never cared much for class time, things aren’t looking good for you, because school might be in session for quite a while. We have much to learn about what has been happening in and through the governmental organization of Lake Park. These are things residents should have information about and understand. The relationship between the Town, The Community Development Corporation, The Community Redevelopment Agency and other organizations is not something for which a clear picture has been provided. These relationships are not explained in a forthright manner or fully disclosed by the town so that anyone wishing to understand can quickly find and grasp the information. In all fairness to the residents who live here and who support these organizations (by virtue of our relationship to the Town and our taxpayer support), the information about all of this should be out in the open. It’s time to make some sense of what we are (by default) being forced to be involved in and to promote, because some of us might like to have OUR say.

Honestly, do most of us have a clue of who we are, as a Town that is? Do we share the goals and mindset of what the town is doing behind the scenes? We won’t know until we find that information and look into it. So we will just have to learn one lesson at a time. We should know what the broader Lake Park has been and is up to, which in actuality means what WE are up to. WE are Lake Park. WE should be aware of what is being done in our name.

It was a week ago that I wrote about the S.M.A.R.T. Lab grant our town is pursuing for the library, and which they are asking Congressman West to help them obtain; and in that entry I linked to a story about the Safe Schools Czar, Kevin Jennings, who recently resigned. The point was that our town has gone in pursuit, once again, of grant funding for what they consider a “Town Need”. I wanted to know what this library program is for which the town is pursuing funds. Turns out that it is, in some fashion related to the website and the Educate to Innovate program promoted by this administration. My concern came about due to the fact that our town is seeking a grant for a program we don’t know anything about other than the small summary found on the grant application and a handful of websites I was able to unearth that mentioned this SmartLab program. Knowing what I know about members of the education department in the Obama Administration, in particular, the recent SAFE SCHOOLS CZAR, Kevin Jennings, his creepy past and the disconcerting programs he implemented into the school system, I thought it was worthwhile that we question what we will be getting with this grant before we allow such a program into our town, much less apply for taxpayer money to fund it.

After writing that post, I decided to look into another program our town was promoting on their website home page. Knowing what I know about some of the issues of our day, and the progressive push to use slick terminology to cover true intent, when I see “bullying or anti-bullying” as the topic, I know there is something more going on than just what the title implies. Everyone knows that without the cover of nice sounding lingo, residents would push back on the promotion of certain material in their town. It would raise red flags and residents would be asking questions and pushing back. Change the vernacular and the people pay no attention or they just quietly comply. Little by little we begin to associate a nice word or phrase with something we would normally reject, and new ideologies are implemented over time in small bits. Erosion. It happens so slowly, and when it’s done it’s work, it’s too late to go back to the way things used to be. If you change the language and make the nice words do the work for you, you can slip in all kinds of things without anyone ever being the wiser.

All that to say that the concern that was presented about the Library grant wasn’t wild speculation about some far fetched connection I was trying to make between the grant and the former SAFE SCHOOLS CZAR, Kevin Jennings in some far away place that doesn’t affect us.

It has actually been playing out in this town, at our very own town library, coincidentally, right where the SMART Lab program is expected to also be put into effect (as soon as we can get our hands on that sweet “free” money, of course.)

I have always found it odd that these random meetings and seminars seem to pop up on the town website. The Town’s website is notorious for it’s obfuscating organization and lack of details, so neither the presenter, the source of the information to be presented, nor the host of the Anti-Bullying Meeting were mentioned there. So I asked a commissioner to provide me with the information.

Come to find out, it’s more like our town plays host to Bridges which is a community organization. Oh. Did you know Lake Park has a community organization right here in town, and I could only assume, it’s own community organizers? Did you know they are supported in some fashion, at least such as in this promotion, by the Town of Lake Park and/or is it the Community Development Corporation? Either way, the town promotes Bridges events on their website and uses the town Library to host many of them under the auspices, I presume, that they are serving the community. Bridges did play host to this anti-bullying meeting which presented information from none other than the SAFE SCHOOLS PROGRAM.

Here are excerpts from the first page of the information presented at the meeting:

Information was presented in part in an attempt to create an awareness and in my view to legitimize and promote the acceptance of certain sexual and gender-related issues in schools and in the public ‘consciousness’ until all comply. They will tell you of course that it’s  for the children. Isn’t that special? Don’t you love what they are teaching our kids in schools these days? And yes, I do believe such presentations are intended to make us and our children comply with these beliefs. These types of programs are just one of the tactics. The organization Compass which was promoted in this handout is an advocate for the needs of LGBT adults and youth. Feel free to look them up at I have not yet had an opportunity to do so.

Enough said. Know what is being taught to your children and what is being promoted by your town.