They Vote on Your Behalf

The commission will be voting once again tonight on your behalf. Shouldn’t you have a say or at least know what they intend to do in regard to the street where you live?

Tonight’s Lake Park Commission Meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. Please help us keep watch over our town by attending. For the link to the meeting agenda and a summary of some of the important topics to be discussed and decided upon by the commission on our behalf this evening, please check Monday’s post. The decisions made will affect you and they influence the tone our town adopts. Take a look around you. All that is and isn’t going on in Lake Park these days and those items you may have concerns about are the result of past decisions made at these commission meetings. Come have a say about your future.

If you haven’t seen one of the town’s CRA or Commission meetings lately, you might not realize how much has been crammed into them, how many controversial topics have been addressed, and how many items that affect your neighborhood and your wallet have come up and been decided upon.

Lake Park's Goal according to the CRA website still listed as such as of today, October 19, 2011

Case in point: Below is a short video excerpt from the CRA Budget meeting discussion on September 21st about the closing of the Art Gallery (to which many funds were directed, much time was invested and which was created and billed as the centerpiece of the CRA’s proposed Arts Destination on Park Avenue). Creating an Arts destination was and still apparently is the Community Redevelopment Agency’s main stated goal for Lake Park, even today, according to their website (see screenshot above). How’s that CRA working out for us, Lake Park? How have the decisions our town’s been making affected us? This is just one example..TkeH

Clip from the September 21st, 2011 Lake Park CRA Budget Meeting


Many thanks to Brent Headberg for continually supporting the blog with photos and video excerpts, as well as research. Brent is one of many residents who contributes to The Street Where You Live and works diligently to stay on top of the issues at hand and to hold town leaders accountable. Hats off to Brent today.

Don’t forget, tonight’s meeting is the forum at which you may have your say in front of other town residents as well as the commission and town staff. If there is something you would like to bring to the attention of the town or the commission publicly, please come a few minutes early, fill out your pink card and turn it in ahead of time. You will be allowed three minutes at the mic. You may speak to the commission in regard to as many of the agenda items as you would like but only during the time allotted for each item’s discussion. You may also speak in regard to topics not scheduled on the agenda; such general public comments are typically allowed near the start of each meeting.

Please keep up with the affairs of Lake Park; be aware, have your say, and when needed, challenge the policies your town leaders implement on your behalf. Their views mold this town, and the commission members need to hear from you, the town residents, on the topics at hand. As we can see by the Lake Park of today, the whole atmosphere of our town and the outcome can change when we let our guard down and allow policies and plans to go unchecked. Please stay vigilant and active with what is happening in Lake Park.