Barking at the Enemy

Back on July 22nd, in the post entitled: Coming Soon To The Street Where You Live, I posted some information that came in the mail regarding the Smart Meter installation that was coming our way.

Unfortunately, the deed is done; they’ve been installed. I came home one day and found that my cool mid-century meter is gone and an up-to-the-minute plastic ‘spy machine’ had been installed in its place. The following video is a very telling look at some of what your smart meter will know and tell about you. There are some thoughts here you might want to consider, from the fact that it will know when you are home or on vacation to how many people are in your house to whether or not you are running a business from home, and it will be sending that information out to who knows how many corporations, government entities, etc. Your personal privacy is at stake, and if that doesn’t rile you, you are most likely passively relinquishing a whole host of constitutional liberties that were fought and died for throughout history. Big brother is definitely in the house now in the form of your electrical meter as well as the digital box on your TV, through google, facebook and other internet trackers, your phone and even through your car. So what will you do about it?


Sustainable Development is Your Enemy

The Smart Meter program is but one arm of the multi-faceted, ever growing beast known as ‘Sustainable Development’. Sustainable development is your enemy. The more you learn about it, the more you will understand this. Sustainable Development is not about the environment, it is about personal property rights, and your privacy is at stake. It is packaged and sold with a “responsible” label and an environmental twist, but with the enactment of its policies, our personal property rights and other freedoms are assaulted, and it has only just begun. This is not a conservative vs progressive or liberal issue. This is being fought against by both and is being implemented oftentimes by unwary citizens of every persuasion. It’s time to sound the alarm.

Sustainable Development is a global plan implemented through the UN 20 years ago and has worked its way slowly across our country and into neighborhoods including Lake Park’s. If you have a problem with your town and the policies being enacted, look no further than sustainable development as the insidious creature prodding everyone and everything on. CRA = Sustainable Development. CDC = Sustainable Development. Is there any wonder Lake Park is involved in so many questionable deals or why code enforcement is so inconsistent or why grants with their conditions are being applied for undercover and through the CDC and CRA instead of being discussed out in the open at town meetings? Through the CDC and CRA we have no idea of what we are getting or what conditions are being worked into our future. Someone likes it that way. It’s time for everyone to get educated. I’ll post more information throughout this week about how sustainable development will play out in your life personally and in our life as Lake Park residents through decisions being enacted at town hall. It’s all connected. I read tons of articles on the topic over the weekend. Very eye opening. Get busy strengthening your resolve to fight. You are gonna need it.

The “Be Nice” Lie

May I also be so bold as to say that contrary to the opinion of the woman who got up and clucked her tongue and wagged her shaming finger and quoted the Bible out of context at the podium during public comments at last week’s meeting, this is not a situation that calls for us to BE NICE. Far from it. Don’t be fooled into believing the guilt-trip tactic, and don’t fall for BE NICE half-truths (aka: lies) meant to shut you up when you get close to exposing the truth. Yes, of course, there is a time to be nice and get along. This is not that time. There is a time for everything, including a time to fight and to play the part of the junk yard dog… It’s time to start barking loudly and persistently at what is trespassing on our private property. There will be nothing left to guard if we sit silently like nice little lap dogs while they assault us and steal us blind.

We Bark or They Bite

Please, do not retreat in disbelief and with a feeling of powerlessness at the insidious events unfolding left and right in our town. You are powerful to change the course of what is being done here and beyond to assail your property rights, but it begins with speaking what you believe and challenging what you know is wrong. Join together with others of us who are working to put an end to these policies. (See C.R.A.P. info in the sidebar.) The righting of these wrongs might not come with NICE words, but the nicest thing you can do is to stop these sustainable plans from coming to fruition. It will involve calling out those who are leading our town and its residents into this trap. THE OUTCOME OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT WILL NOT BE NICE for residents. Better that we promote a little barking to protect our town from being overrun by the ugly truth. Either we bark, or they bite.

What will be NICE will be unleashing ourselves from the chains with which this town administration (as well as the county, the state, the Federal government and the UN) has tethered us. It will take some unpleasant truth to get us there, and it will sound an awful lot like the growling and barking of a guard dog. Oh well.

Here is the link to the article at where I found the video clip. The article is entitled: Smart Meters: Stimulus-Funded Devices Benefit Green Lobby at Consumers’ Expense. Sustainable Development…it’s about personal property rights, power and money. The last line of an excerpt, quoting one of the sustainable gurus himself (a Soros Fund Management and Goldman Sachs protogé, Mark Schwartz),
admitting the control being sought with these devices:

“…they can provide the infrastructure that will support the implementation of responsible climate change policy.”

As long as people are buying into climate change lies and attempting to appear “smart”, “green”, “environmentally responsible”, yada yada, they will continue to be duped because it uses environmental issues to prey upon the gullible masses (enviro issues are great for guilting people into behavior modification where they will relinquish their privacy and property rights). Learn about these things so you can recognize what is going on in Lake Park and beyond. Palm Beach County is deeply steeped in this philosophy and our town leadership follows the County. However, many communities are overturning this as residents become educated, speak out and fight back. Once we know the facts, we can work to save our property and our town; we’ll deal with things beyond that later.

First things first; we need to learn who the enemy is and then start “barking” them back before they cross the line.