What is Considered UNsustainable?

We hear about Sustainability all the time, but turn it around; have you thought about what is considered to be UNsustainable by proponents of this agenda? It’s a question that leads to telling answers.

In order to continue bringing to light what Sustainable Development is and the real threat it holds over each one of us…I am providing a link to a list from Freedom Advocates 0f some of the things considered unsustainable according to the Global Biodiversity Assessment by the United Nations Environmental Programme. These are things you will see undermined and vilified in the days to come.

Oh, too bad, much of what is represented here is on the Unsustainable list.

The United Nations is where Sustainable Development was begun and the list linked to below is not some far out idea of what they oppose; this is what we can expect…it is what has already begun and is well underway. When you see this list, you begin to understand the further trouble we are headed for. This is no small-time plan by some unknown group in a back room somewhere. This has been accepted worldwide. It has spread throughout our country and been adopted by counties and towns throughout America. Check out any town or county website, watch TV, go to school, read an article in a magazine, heck, go into the grocery store and you will have it shoved in your face. They have only just begun to implement these plans, but they are very well on their way to making you say goodbye to things you may be rather fond of. It’s up to us to stand our ground now and get working to beat back this beast.

The trouble is that most people do not understand what’s on the list to be done away with by sustainable development. Many who buy in do not realize what this will mean to them personally or that in time it will come for them and demand they let go of many things that have always considered to be their own to decide. They think sustainable development is a feel-good, love-the-earth, responsible movement that wants you to use reusable grocery bags and keep the water clean and the air pure. But this movement is much more, and it wants you to conform. It has co-oped pretty words, phrases and ideas to attract support and implement the programs and the framework now while the population is generally unaware. Before you buy in, learn what you will be getting and to whom you will answer in the end.

Without understanding the premise behind the glossy candy coated ideas, people are being drafted. Many now owe their allegience to the movement and they want to guilt you into doing so as well. It is the antithesis of the principals of personal liberty our country was founded upon. It is a Godless false morality meant to make people feel good about themselves by worshiping and protecting the earth.

Sustainable Development (also known as Agenda 21, so named by the U.N.) promotes global citizenship rather than American citizenship. Only, it goes way beyond that. You read the list and decide for yourself. See how free you will feel under these controls where the belief is that we need to reverse the affects of what are considered unsustainable human activities on global biodiversity.

What does Biodiversity have to do with it? (A blurb from Wikipedia)

The period since the emergence of humans has displayed an ongoing biodiversity reduction and an accompanying loss of genetic diversity. Named the Holocene extinction, the reduction is caused primarily by human impacts, particularly habitatdestruction. Conversely, biodiversity impacts human health in a number of ways, both positively and negatively.[5]

The United Nations designated 2011-2020 as the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity.

Great, they plan to ramp it up for the next decade and set into place regulations and change standards and rights and behaviors. They do it one resolution, one ordinance, one law at a time, month after month. Be on guard. These sustainable ideas are already well-worked into our town and our leaders continue to sneak them in.

Check out our CRA and CDC websites and see the effect this movement has already had here in Lake Park. Do you remember the large number of references to bioscience in the town’s comprehensive plan a while back that I noted in the post entitled: Not Without Coffee? (That post details a number of interesting tidbits in the comprehensive plan that show the reach sustainable development has in Lake Park and the plans for more). Don’t think these things are not related. They are. Don’t think there isn’t way more of it in the works. There is. Don’t think that the associations our town staff and commission belong to don’t promote the implementation of these ideas in our town. They do. And don’t think you won’t foot the bill for these associations and their other sustainable plans either. You are.

Here in bold is the link to the list, What is Unsustainable.

What is Unsustainable

Please, check this out and imagine a life dominated by those who feel these things need to be removed to usher in their plans for a ‘Sustainable’ world. Read it several times in case you miss any the first time. In the ‘sustainable’ world, humans are the enemy. The earth/environment is god.

Freedomadvocates.org is a wealth of information on this subject. If you are interested you will find eye-opening articles that will help you recognize its creeping influence everywhere. Only once we know what we are up against can we turn this around.