X-rays & Looking for Trouble

When all is well and life is peachy…the last thing that you want to do is stumble upon, or worse yet, go looking for trouble that might be lying underneath an ordinary, seemingly-all-is-well exterior and ruin a perfectly good day. You’d rather stay on the feel-good path you’re on, whistle a happy tune and enjoy the view along the avenue.

But enter pain into that ordinary day, and the scenario plays out differently altogether.

You see, pain is an incredible motivator. Introduce unexplained pain onto the scene and feel it dog the footsteps of your day for any length of time and you will find yourself making a beeline to find the trouble that brings it your way. Pain provides the incentive to look trouble in the eye. It has an uncanny ability to shout until you to take notice. It will clutch your heart in it’s gnarly hand and breathe it’s scathing breath in your face while scowling a meanacing glare until you realize that you have just been handed a mission. Go! Look! Hurry! Get a grip on this before it finishes you off. Something important is under the surface! Face the ugly truth. Root it out and make things right. Something is wrong, and if you don’t figure it out, and fast, you may find yourself in big trouble.

So we get an x-ray and sure enough, there it is…right there…and there…and back in there and maybe a little something is festering right up there at the top. Yup. Trouble is in the picture, but it was hiding behind a smile. All the while it was linked from here to there and back again by complex connections that affect everything down the line as a result. You see, when one part hurts, the whole body feels the effects.

Pain is a wake up call, a warning siren. Pain gets the word out when unseen trouble is brewing, and it takes the distressing news to the nerve center that carries the story everywhere. In unassuming places, trouble burrows down and grows, latching on and growing where no one suspects the havoc it will wreak until it is too late. Until that is, the little tattle-tale whose name is pain goes public with the news before the problem has a chance to finish you off.

Pain can’t keep a secret for long. If you catch it at its first wimper, it will accept bribes and remedies and back down for a time. It’s willing to keep it’s mouth shut when trouble is small. If pain goes silent, you’ll head along your merry way, never the wiser to the trouble forming below the surface. You’re busy. You’d rather enjoy the good life and believe all is well as you take in the sights and sounds along the way.

Eventually the well-squelched secrets grow too big for the bribes that were once sufficient to shut down pain’s lines of communication. One day, just like that, pain begins bellowing. It takes to the bullhorn and the harassment begins. What you thought was a random oddity here and there becomes a daily, hourly and then a constant menace. Something big is going on and you can no longer keep it quiet, no matter how many placating remedies you beg it to accept in trade.

So here we are Lake Park. The sting of the unseen goings-on and the deceit of the inner workings that mask dysfunction are staring us in the face. We have been feeling it, so we went looking for insight. We decided it was time to pull in close and examine the x-rays. We know now what for years we didn’t have the stomach to face. We found the trouble alright. One after another, questionable and troublesome things showed up. The symptoms made us look at the facts, and when we did, the truth became all too apparent. So now we face that ugly truth head on. It’s time to root out the bad and get this town back to right so we can go back along our merry way.

The diagnosis will, no doubt, call for a little surgery. That means more pain, and then maybe a long and trying recovery. Be strong. Don’t give up and don’t give in. Relief will come if we keep facing the truth and doing what needs to be done. It may be a long haul that lasts until a distant election day. But we will continue treatment until then. We aren’t giving up.