A Sinister Sunset Plot?

No, I’m not talking about any of the Lake Park controversies begging to be contemplated and remedied.

I am talking about something else worth contemplating though. After all, today is the last Friday of the month. That means it is time for yet another Sunset Celebration this very evening.

Face it, folks. Summer’s over, and that means the sun is checking out earlier and earlier in the evenings. Won’t be long before Fall and daylight savings time, in what seems like a sinister sunset plot, will lure the sun into their lair so early that a good chunk of our evenings will be taken from us… along with the time we have to enjoy the evening scenery brought to us courtesy of sunset.

So if you enjoy reveling in the moment and watching the golden hour stretch into the night, get out to the waterside tonight before the days are cut short. Relish the company of others under a hopefully beautiful sky and the dazzling lights both in the sky and on the water in the relative cool of dusk.

Come and watch as daylight sneaks silently toward the horizon and tiptoes over to wake up the other side of the world where folks will be wiping the sleep from their eyes and getting a head start on another day… even while we celebrate the end of ours and the beginning of the holiday months before us.

This is fair warning; bask in what you have while you have it. Fall is just the precursor, then the wicked spell of winter will take over to steal even more time from our golden sunlit evenings.

Changes are also being proposed to this site that could one day soon make you look back at these neighborhood gatherings as “the good old days”. You never know. Make the most of the moments and keep up with the town’s plans to develop this location and alter the land use. Quasi Judicial Hearings will begin soon on the proposed changes. Stay informed and join us in holding the town accountable to us, the residents, and to the laws and restrictions currently in place.

For tonight, there will be food, music, drinks and the good people of Lake Park to keep you company for another sunset evening.

The sunset is free…and so is parking at the Sunset Celebration. So, no excuses. Hope you will join in.