In Their Powerful and Political Hands

Following a long night of political posturing, discussions and voting such as occurred last night at the town’s CRA and Commission meetings, I’m sure many of you are ready for a breather. Well, I’m sorry to say that this is a luxury residents in Lake Park cannot afford.

We may not be able to afford it for a very long time.

Our town, in typical fashion, is moving ever-forward with more of their incessant CHANGE, CHANGE, CHANGE and this non-stop quest for money and power will play out next in public hearings regarding the proposed Marina Village. Residents who live in close proximity to the planned development are poised to have their quality of life overrun by our town’s idea of CHANGE. Those who happen to own property adjacent to the proposed project site are now being forced to to take up a defensive stance just to protect the way of life they have come to know in their own homes.

The developer has decided that the land in question will serve them well, so in conjunction with the town, they have created a plan to bring in a few more almighty dollars. As proposed, this plan comes at the homeowner’s expense.

We owe it to our fellow Lake Park homeowners to stand up for and support them. They must now invest time and money and face many obstacles in order to just defend their homes and quality of life against actions that have been and continue to be taken by our own town and this developer.

Photo courtesy of Brent Headberg

Here is some information from Brent Headberg regarding the upcoming binding decision to be made by our town commission on behalf of residents:

Currently in need of our attention is the Marina Village P.U.D. Project that will come before the Planning and Zoning Board as a public hearing about the site plan and P.U.D. Application on November 7th at 7:30 p.m. The town commission will hold the first public hearing on first reading of the rezoning Ordinance on November 16th at 7:00 p.m. and the second reading of the Rezoning Ordinance as well as the Resolution for the site plan on December 7th at 7:oo p.m. It is a very sensitive and controversial decision the commission will have to make. They will be directly affecting the neighboring residents and how we live within our own community. The decisions that they make must be based on factual information presented at the Public Hearings. I strongly urge residents to read the Florida Land Development Regulations article on the “PURPOSE OF A QUASI-JUDICIAL LAND USE HEARING”. I would like to point out a specific paragraph that the commission will be held accountable for:

The classification of a land use hearing as “quasi-judicial” has (or certainly should have) a profound effect on the LDRs and on land use hearings. It completely changes the entire focus of the hearing and, consequently, completely changes what happens (should happen) at those hearings. The focus is shifted from information gathering in a wide universe of possible issues to information gathering on very narrow points of regulation. And the focus is entirely on those regulations. It changes the roles of the participants in the process and their focus. It changes what evidence is presented, who presents it, and what must be done with it. And, most importantly, it changes what the decision-maker is being asked to do; the question before them is not “what do we want to do,” but “does this application do what it is required to do.”

The commission holds in their powerful and political hands the lives of our group and the neighboring residents, and they will be challenged by Citizens Requiring Accountability from Politicians (C.R.A.P.). We hope the residents of Lake Park will join us, because these same people will likely be in your neighborhood one day making decisions that will affect your quality of life. Please watch and see whether those who vote decide to advance the plans of the Town Administration, their own personal concerns or if they vote regarding whether the application does what it is required to do.
Brent Headberg
Lake Shore Drive
Lake Park, FL

At the time of this posting, the town of Lake Park has made no note of these public hearings on the town calendar or on the home page of the town website.