To Be Changed: History, Tradition, Christianity…

The Obama’s told us they would create this kind of change, but most people didn’t take them at their word. Now it’s playing out.

Here’s where they are taking us… and fast.

 Obama Administration Opposes FDR Prayer at WWII Memorial

From the article by (Todd Starnes, Fox

“This is further evidence that the administration has created an environment that is hostile towards American history — but in particular towards Christianity,” Perkins told Fox News. “I hope America wakes up and realizes what this administration is doing to this country and how they want to radically and fundamentally change America.”

“They want to erase every aspect of America’s heritage,” Perkins said of Obama’s administration. “Any president, any official in history that has embraced Christianity, is no longer welcome in this administration. That’s the environment they are creating.”

Pay attention. Speak up. Then, next time… think, research and know who you are electing into office before you vote them in.

PS: Daylight savings time is history for another four months. 😦 It will be back on March 11, 2012.)