Remembered and Honored

Palm Beach Gardens held a Veterans Day Celebration yesterday. Unfortunately I didn’t get any images that truly offer an appropriate representation of the tribute provided. These will have to suffice.

The celebration had a hometown flair with words from Palm Beach Gardens Mayor David Levy about his grand parents’ travels to America seeking this life of liberty so many have found on our shores and about an appreciation of the Veterans who through the years have made the sacrifices that have held that freedom secure for us here in the greatest country on earth. The Chaplain led us in prayer and The Palm Beach Gardens Concert Band provided time-honored music, rich with memories and tradition, the kind that connects us to those who have served in our armed forces throughout the years as well as to each other.

The weather was sunny and cool, the Veterans were recognized by branch of service and stood in turn as their service song was played, and those of us in attendance were reminded once again that freedom isn’t free. We owe a debt of gratitude to those who have made living in the United States of America such a blessing because they have paid for our liberty with their service and sacrifice.

It’s National Veterans Awareness Week through November 17th, and it’s always a good time to recognize and appreciate those who have served us honorably. So go ahead, find and thank a Veteran. They may be humble and quiet about their service, but we don’t have to be quiet about our appreciation for what they have done for us. A thank you is always in order.