Just a Little Backstory

I have a rather lengthy post that I was going to submit today (I know I have a problem with an abundance of words), but decided to present you the backstory first. Tomorrow I’ll tackle the story.

Today, all I’ll ask (pretty please) is that you check out a few newsletters from the Village of North Palm Beach. Tomorrow I will present what I wrote on the topic.

Here is the link to NPB’s November Newsletter. You can also find a host of other past issues on the newsletter page of their website. Please peruse the November issue for starters and check out some others as well if you have time.

Also, here is the page on our town’s website where Lake Park Community News is presented. Check it out.

I don’t believe Lake Park has a link to past newsletters that have been sent out to residents, at least none that I could find on their website, but hopefully you have received one of them in the past few years and will have the tone and focus of those to compare with what you will see in North Palm’s.

Lake Park residents do have the option of subscribing through our town to get an e-newsletter (look at the upper right of the webpage on the link provided, just below the image). If you do subscribe to the e-news and have received them in the past, I suggest you check one or two of those out as well.

The point of directing you to the North Palm Newsletters will be made clear tomorrow. I invite you to look through and take notice of whatever it is about the content that might catch YOUR eye.

Happy reading!