Bringing Neighbors Together

As mentioned yesterday, one of our residents (also a member of Citizens Requiring Accountability from Politicians) has been thinking of some ways to help restore that sense of community Lake Park has been missing and to attract more people to our town. Take a look at Debbie Headberg’s list and begin to consider these ideas, as well as hopefully some of your own, and we’ll see what we can do to begin restoring the shine on the Jewel of the Palm Beaches.

1.    Monthly outdoor movies (possibly at Kelsey Park). People could bring their lawn chairs, ice chests, and sit on the lawn and watch a movie. We could possibly find a vendor willing to donate the use of a large screen/projector or offset the cost by charging vendors to set up food/beverage stands.  This has been a successful event for the Town of Wellington and I believe it would be for Lake Park as well.

Note* (Just last weekend, Legacy Place also began showing FREE movies at their parking garage. I didn’t get to check it out, but I believe they will continue showing movies on Saturday, December 3rd, so I’ll be sure to find out what kind of turn out they have, etc.)

2.    Weekly Evening Cash Bingo, possibly held upstairs at the Marina.

3.    Weekly Green Market to be held at the Marina or Kelsey Park on weekends. This is a very successful event that City of West Palm and Palm Beach Gardens hold during the seasonal months. (I believe this is now in the works.)

4.     Outdoor mini-concert series are the park or marina

5.     Outdoor open mic night at the park or marina

6.     Parades,  4th of July, Halloween, Easter, Christmas/Holiday, etc. Get schools, businesses/churches  involved to march in parades with banners/floats.

7.    Craft shows

8.    Small scale carnivals (St. Clare’s puts one on every year in January/February and always has a huge turnout.)

9.    Organize and hold a Mommy & Me club or tumble tots for preschoolers, arts and craftd club for children & adults, yoga and pilates or jazzercise, aerobics for adults, at the building at Kelsey Park.

10.   Street drawing (chalk artists)

11.   Flea Markets – Vendors could rent space.

12.   Town Clean up day – Have people volunteer and have local business donate coupons.

13.   Volleyball league

14.   Set up a small portable concession stand at the Marina to sell coffee, donuts, bagels, sandwiches, chips, sodas, beer, snacks, rotisserie hot dogs, etc. to the boating community and have it open during the Marina hours.  A small investment could bring revenue into the town. (Especially during peak boating times.)

15.   Have a coupon book mailer made up and allow local restaurants and business buy advertising space. This would promote our town’s businesses and also give residents discounts to local establishments.

Easter Egg Hunt
Craft Day (Library)
Seafood Festival at the Marina
Chili Cook Off
Hometown Bake-off
Sponsor a Road Rally
Sponsor a Bike Rally
Sponsor photo scavenger hunt
Consider a Water Taxi to and from the Marina for special events and to restaurants
Sponsor a Triathlon
Easter Sunrise Services with Pancake & Sausage Breakfast at Marina
Book Exchange Club
Earth Day
Winter and Spring Break Day camps for Kids (creative play, arts & crafts) ages 5-12
Veterans Day events

These are all things that could bring neighbors together and some would generate revenue as well. Most would just require someone (maybe a group of people) to take charge, organize and make things happen without a lot of political obstacles.

The possibilities are wide open. Let us know if you have anything to add or thoughts on how to get the ball rolling!

I came across these lighted bacce balls which can be purchased from, which strikes me as a fun idea. I’m not even sure how to play bacce, but how about something like a lighted bacce ball tournament at twilight at the Marina. I’m sure we could find ways to incorporate any number of the above ideas from Debbie’s list into the Sunset Celebration and inject some creativity into the way that event is conducted each month. It could even be changed up from time to time. In so doing, it might attract new people who enjoy events where there is actually something to do… even if it’s the added interest of a mildly competitive lawn game. Those who like to sit and relax would still be able to hang out, and the gathering might begin to attract more of our neighbors to an event the town already has on the calendar.

Let us know your thoughts on these ideas (as well as any of your own) in the comments.

And thank you, Debbie, for taking the lead and spurring us on to create a more neighborly Lake Park!