Take a Break in Lake Park

To me, missing blog entries are like silence on the airwaves…unacceptable. However, I may have to be away from time to time and want you to know if that happens here in the near future, I haven’t abandoned the effort.

For starters, at our house, the day after Thanksgiving is the day to get the Christmas tree up and maybe string some lights as well. So if I have to be absent for a few days while I get my Christmas preparations underway, I’m sure you’ll understand.

Thankfully, we have several writers who are always working feverishly to compose thoughtful writings on any number of topics. (Right Jim? Right Sue? Right Brent?) 🙂 They may be helping fill the void should I find myself in a blogging slump due to a mind cluttered with Christmas thoughts and a schedule full of events… or just in case I happen to fall prey to a general nervous breakdown. None of these options are entirely out of the question.

So, happy day after Thanksgiving! I hope you all had a wonderful time reflecting on what you are thankful for yesterday and have enough leftovers so that you don’t have to cook today. If you are spending the day shopping, well, then… I wish you a strong will and all the perfect sales and patience as you deal with like-minded bargain-hunting shoppers.

Take a break in Lake Park!

Don’t forget, we have small businesses in Lake Park that may have something unique you might not be able to find anywhere else. And during the many upcoming tough days of fighting hoards of shoppers and maneuvering traffic, you could always stop in and take a break at a Lake Park restaurant for a little something to sustain you, or you could cap off the day by eating out here in town. If any of you has a special place you’d like to let us in on, please feel free to offer those recommendations and reviews in the comments.

And please, be careful out there!