A Thanksgiving Reminder

Since it’s still Thanksgiving weekend, I figured it would not be too out of line to post this link to a really good short article I read last night. Worthwhile to pass along in my estimation.

I would say more, but the Christmas tree I spent all day yesterday setting up and decorating is tilting as if planted on the side of a mountain. I can tell you from experience (because unfortunately this is not the first time this has happened) that once a tree is decorated, trying to force it to go vertical when it wants to tilt is no easy task. And so, I have a bit of work ahead of me… and the elves are all still in bed. They are very grouchy when awakened early on a Saturday (and a holiday weekend Saturday at that).

Wish me luck.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Here’s the article by John Loudon:

Thanksgiving Reminds Us What’s Great About America