A High Tolerance for Putting Up With Crap

Long before Citizens Requiring Accountability from Politicians came along, I’ve dealt with my share of crap. Throughout the years, when you’ve seen enough of it, you get to the place where you recognize, with a sickening feeling in your gut, when you are going to have to share the close quarters of time and space with yet another round of unwelcome stuff.

Certainly others have much flashier and more vocal gifts than the ability to put up with crap. I certainly don’t personally have an aptitude for getting loud, thinking fast or leading a vocal charge, but that’s okay. Others have discovered that gift within themselves and they are employing those skills. However, where one leaves off, another can pick up with their own abilities.

So what’s your gift?

Be it simple or classy, unlikely or high tech…if you’ve got it, flaunt it. This town needs some folks willing to employ their talents to get this place back in line so we can reclaim that small town charm we once knew. So, what’s your gift?

We have a month of challenges ahead. With the advent of Christmas and Hanukkah and all the church and school programs, parties, out of town guests, shopping and preparations that come with the holidays, many will be tempted to skip out on Town business this month.

We hope you will find the dedication within yourself to stay engaged with us. Here is a link to the Town’s calendar for the month of December. Please make note of the hearings and meetings and commit to attending and remaining involved. Much will be attempted while our attention is diverted. Don’t relinquish the opportunity you will have to speak and stand up for what you want and what you know is best for the street where you live.

And good news, the job is secure. (see above.)