Who Takes The Jackpot?

To maintain interest in playing the town’s bureaucratic game is a challenge, but what will Lake Park become in the year ahead, let alone the decade, if we don’t? Well, you don’t have to wonder. Just look back and see what’s been done within the last year or so in Lake Park. Then add to that all that is being done today and you’ll have more than enough clues as to how tomorrow’s hand is going to shape up.

Our town leadership enjoys holding the high cards, because the majority of residents, by their lack of attention and involvement, have allowed them to play the role of dealer for every hand. As the game progresses, the Town calls the residents’ bluff repeatedly. They are the house, and the house rules, and when the house sets the rules, runs the game and also takes a seat at the table to play their hand, the house winds up the winner.

Seems to me, if citizens knew how generously they themselves were paying this town STAFF to play those trump cards of theirs, they might start keeping better tabs on them and the town’s “jackpot”. The people of Lake Park may have neglected to pay attention in the past, but to continue to do so will mean repeated and greater losses.

When the Town stacks the deck, so to speak, by dealing grants, picking and choosing winners, by handing out the “green”, and reworking everything in sight with their own new guidelines, they rule the game, which unfortunately will not end in a jackpot for the residents. So where do all the “winnings” wind up? Good question. Something for which the residents of Lake Park should begin demanding answers.

It also seems time for those of us who live and work here to adopt a different strategy. Currently the house decides who comes to the table, who deals, who’s in and who’s out as well as who wins. Those aren’t great odds for those of us who are playing their game due merely to our home or business address. Yes, the game the town is playing seems fairly well rigged, and not in the residents’ favor, and if they continue unchecked, they will most likely leave us without any chips left for future hands. Why would we stay at the their table and let that continue?

Put on your poker face, ya’ll. The game is on and you ARE currently playing their game by their rules. If you haven’t come to win, why bother tossing your chips onto the pile and working from the hand they deal you?

It’s time to consider a few new strategies?