Please Take Note

Marina Development Hearing Cancellation

According to Nadia Di Tommaso, the Lake Park Community Development Director, cancellation notices were to go out to the P & Z Board members yesterday for the meeting that was scheduled for Monday, December 5th. The Marina Development project plans are still not ready and the meeting will be rescheduled. A new notice will be provided to the surrounding property owners when the plans are complete.

This change is now reflected on the Town’s December calendar.

The Grinches of Lake Park

On another note, it looks like the Grinch or Grinches of Lake Park still have hearts three sizes too small. Check out this story from WPTV News Channel 5 about one of our Lake Park neighbors who reported the theft of their Christmas decorations from their front yard:  Bah Humbug!  (Thanks to John Mede for passing this story along.)

Yes, it looks like the Christmas thieves are at it again. Be on the look out for suspicious individuals and incidents in your neighborhoods. Last year at this time, Lake Park had a rash of burglaries; let’s not let that happen again.

Please make sure your doors are locked, windows are securely shut and that any valuables are not only out of sight, but locked away or taken with you. All these thieves seem to need is the amount of time it takes you to run a short errand. Keep an eye out for cars you don’t know parked on your street as you come and go from your home and constantly be alert to your surroundings. This awareness is also especially important in parking lots when you are out shopping.

Don’t let the Grinches steal your Christmas joy though. Enjoy the season, just do what you can to lock down and secure what you have. Then please be on guard and aware of what’s going on around your own home and also beyond to your neighborhood as well!

If another theft like this is attempted in Lake Park this season (and you can bet they’ll probably try), let’s hope someone will witness it and call the police.