Not My Problem

Some days I’d like to say “I got nothin'” and just go my merry way without the time and attention a blog needs. But, saying I’ve got nothin’ isn’t exactly true. The problem is I have plenty to say; I just don’t have enough time. There are lots of thoughts and ideas and way too many words. I also don’t always have the editing stamina to keep those words on the path to an orderly progression of thought. So rather than go on trying, some days it seems easier to drop the specifics altogether rather than try to stem the avalanche of thoughts and words that will inevitably pile up in a heap here on this page full of white space.

Today, as usual, there’s an overwhelming amount being proposed or implemented around and across the map by town STAFF… from Park Avenue to Lake Shore Drive to Old Dixie to Flagler and up and down each street in town, up to and crossing over borders into adjacent municipalities. I could (and yes, do) blather on and on about any number of such things regularly. But then you know that.

Have to’s and Want to’s

The problems and issues and sheer volume of must do’s and want to’s could keep a concerned group of citizens talking in circles together for hours and still barely allow them time to dig into the details each person considers vital. (Déjà vu anyone?) Neither would time allow these citizens to solve anything quickly or wrap it up in a tidy little package that would make them feel like they had just stumbled upon Christmas morning a few weeks early. In fact, the overwhelming variety and intensity of “want to’s” makes hatching plans for even the most fantastic of ideas a bit difficult without dedicated and repeated effort, strong leadership and some organization.

You see, where there are many concerned residents, there are seemingly unending issues, ideas, questions and suggestions… and everyone wants a chance to have their voice heard. After all, what makes them concerned residents is that they care about the place they call home. It doesn’t matter if they live by the Marina where the latest development plans threaten to impede residents’ quality of life, or if they reside on Poplar Drive and have orange and white barricades shouting obnoxiousness at them for months and months without an end in sight, or if they are citizens who just want to know they will not be next in line for intrusion by a town government that wants to regulate their personal and property rights through any number of “sustainable” plans or other schemes. Most of us just want to be allowed to live our lives and make the most of the opportunities afforded us in this great country.

You see, no matter the issue, the bottom line is that it all goes back to people. It’s about us, our lives and our livelihoods.

It’s about neighbors from all over town being in this thing together. It’s about stepping up to watch each others backs and stand by each other’s side when someone or something comes along and poses any kind of threat. We are all in this town together. Once you get to know the people, you realize that their cause could well be your cause next; it will likely just show up at your house dressed up in different circumstances. What matters is making sure that the ones in charge of the overarching town rules create and enforce them for the people who live there, not for their own benefit, whatever that may be. It’s for people like us that those in charge are supposed to be working.

So next time you sigh a big sigh of relief because the latest town cause or problem doesn’t seem to affect you, (because ‘thank goodness’ it’s not on your block or within your earshot)… think again.

The concerns haunting your neighbors down the street, around the corner or on the other side of town are being brought about by a leadership that also has sway over YOU and the street where YOU live. Your turn will come.

We all really are in this together. If it’s not your problem today, don’t rule out tomorrow...or next month or even next year…Those in town leadership are setting their plans in place. Their goal is much like the deceptively vague “hope and change” mantra of a few years ago. Our town’s goal tells us nothing specific, but it does give us a warning. One of their main stated goals, which the Town Manager and some of the Town Commission repeat often, is to “Move Forward”. What does that really mean? Who says when we “move forward” that those in leadership will land us on a good spot on the board in the game of Lake Park Town Life. Yes, they ARE inching down your street day by day, slowly but surely. They pretty much already have a foot in your driveway about now. Don’t take my word for it. Watch and listen… you’ll see.

It’s always best to stop intruders long before they set foot on your property, wouldn’t you say? Of course, you’ll need help in this endeavor; that’s what neighbors are for, and “neighbors” don’t necessarily live next door or on your block either. Some of your neighbors have formed a group called Citizens Requiring Accountability from Politicians. We would love for you to join with us and help us build a strong town with an eagle eye on those in charge, along with a support system for one another…

…because you probably won’t be able to keep the town off of your property or your back all by yourself before too long. If you play your cards right though, it’s true…it doesn’t have to be YOUR problem. It could yours along with all those like-minded residents who will have your back.