What’s This?

Lake Park’s $2.4 million Land Deal Provides Handicap Trailer Parking

Photo courtesy of Brent Headberg

Sorry to bounce around from topic to topic, but since I got particularly wordy yesterday, I offer you this from Brent Headberg today. It’s a photo of what we’ve gotten for our $2.4 million dollar land deal… handicapped trailer parking. Some of the residents are wondering who provided the layout for the new striping and who came up with the idea of handicap trailer parking. This is unusual, especially behind a fence.


Now, if you haven’t had time to read yesterday’s post yet, please take the time to get familiar with the agendas for the two meetings that will be held tomorrow night. The links are provided there. The CRA meeting will be held first, beginning at 6:30, and it will be followed by the regular commission meeting. Residents are allowed to speak for 3 minutes during general public comments, and if they like, 3 minutes in regard to any or all of the agenda items as they come up.

Citizens Requiring Accountability from Politicians will be in attendance standing guard over Lake Park, and we hope you will join us.