This is an American Town

At the December 7th, 2011 commission meeting, a self-proclaimed “artist” (and perhaps, “activist”) who does not reside in our town, came up to the podium to advocate Ms. Davis and Mr. Kendall’s position that we reopen the gallery, which they also just happened to close a couple of months ago. Huh? Is anyone else confused by that whole Art-on-Park-Gallery-opening-and-closing scenario? Isn’t it all so coincidental…(and I don’t believe in coincidence) that there is always someone to show up out of the blue at the meetings to support the town STAFF’s position, even when it’s a really odd situation that makes no sense and even when that support comes from those outside of Lake Park?

Did anyone note this man’s suggestion that we could become like Miami if we just continued with an arts district here. Really? Is that supposed to be a positive? Beyond that, and more disconcerting, was this non-Lake Park resident’s proclamation, with a sort of pride, that Lake Park is a Haitian town. Everywhere you go, he said, if you don’t speak Creole, someone will speak it to you. Did anyone else have a “What WAS that?” moment?

Someone Just Called You Out

I hope that those who heard thiat statement about us being a Haitian town, not only sat up, but made a concerted effort to plant their feet firmly into this American soil and made a decision then and there about whether Lake Park is to remain an American town or become a hyphenated American town, because, my friends, that was the challenge. Someone just called you out. How much do your decidedly American values and traditions matter to you? If we are indeed a Haitian town now, then  I suggest you do some looking into the quality of life in places like Haiti so you can get a feel for your future.

No matter how many wonderful people who happen to be immigrants come our way, this is America and we are an American town. If we want to remain so, we must watch those who promote multi-culturalism and the rewriting of our town’s rules and plans to suit their agenda, things which aid those who desire to change our nation one town at a time. With the help of Dubois, the Ostermanns, Kendall Rumsey, Tim Stevens and Attorney Baird, those with a quest to fundamentally transform America have had quite a bit of help setting up that transformational framework here in recent days and years, right on the streets where we live. Are you planning to just sit on the front porch and watch it happen, or are you going to go back inside, bury your head in a book or flip the channel or cover your eyes and ears and whistle a happy tune while they dismantle the place out in the open?

From the word on the street and the concerns brought up by residents from time to time, it would appear to many that there are those on our town staff who want to turn Lake Park into something foreign and not just in matters of national origin. The man who made the comment at the meeting seems to be admitting that it is working. Please see my recent post Recovering a Gem for more on this.

I have news for them. We are America, not Haiti or any other country. If Haiti was the glory-land worthy of emulation, then I suppose the Haitian community would not be here, they would be in Haiti. They have come here for a reason. We have something valuable and promising and hopeful, and if we abdicate the values and principles which made us who we are, our strength will be cut off at the knees and we will no longer be of help to them or to ourselves.

Be on the alert; Multi-culturalism is un-American. If in fact, people on the street everywhere in Lake Park are speaking Creole and not English, it should alarm you. Multi-culturalism has been proven to divide; it does not bring neighbors together. See this, which showed up at yesterday. You can find out more about the study mentioned here (the full text) in the wikipedia page about Robert D. Putnam.

Love the individual by pointing them to “American Exceptionalism”

Those who will not come here and embrace our language and our traditions and our culture and adapt to them will fail and intimidate and bring distrust to the rest of us. If you have neighbors who do not speak English, and if people are coming and going and new babies are showing up and new family members are appearing and disappearing from your neighbors’ homes all the time so that you never truly know who your neighbors are, and if numerous families are residing together and those families constantly seem to change, then suspicion and distrust will be the result, not love and brotherhood. Loving individuals is one thing (and an important one at that), but to encourage other cultures to flourish without assimilation into the American way of life and into our American neighborhoods is not the definition of “love”. It is not kind to anyone to coddle dissimilation. It does a huge disservice to everyone involved in more ways than there is time to go into right now. This lack of assimilation will lead us to exactly what the young man at the commission meeting suggested. In that case, America will be undone, beginning here in small towns like ours. What we need is American Exceptionalism to continue as a beacon and a standard, so we continue to have something to offer.

An Invitation from Town Leadership

(to co-opt our town!)

The correction for this has to begin with town leadership, because that is where the invitation for these changes to come into our town begins, and it is where it has been encouraged. What the town is inviting and allowing and encouraging with programs, regulations and even grants that are dependent upon this multi-culturalism, comes from those who institute the policies being implemented, ordinances being passed and even the organizations that have been formed. Think CDC and CRA. The CRA brings people in and sets them up in business whether they should be in business or not with money from taxpayers. There are also numerous organizations which aid this multi-cultural sentiment and they are given the town’s blessing with free promotion and the permission to use their facilities etc. Much of what is being done by these organizations is good, but much of what goes on enables many things that are a detriment to Lake Park and the American culture of the future.

Know your town. Know your leaders. Watch what they are doing. They are in the process of a multi-cultural transformation. You can wait until it is too late (and it’s inching ever-forward) or you can begin to stand for American values, culture and tradition now. When you see something that seems off or out of line in town, speak out and question it. When you watch something transpire that suggests a shift in culture, do something. To watch and cringe in silence means your demise, Lake Park, and the demise of America. We are still an American town, and that’s worthy of our time and our protection.