Happy Hanukkah

Wishing all our Jewish friends who celebrate Hanukkah, a wonderful festival of lights.

From the 2003 article: Hanukkah’s Message Not Just for Jews

by Rabbi Daniel Lapin

To this day, we Jews light one additional flame each night of Hanukkah partly to inject into our souls the idea that through God, each day can bring more and more, not less and less.


Hanukkah’s miracle was that, day after day, the Temple’s menorah just kept on burning in spite of an apparent shortage of fuel – a metaphor, surely, for all apparent shortages that can be overcome with faith. Hanukkah invites us all to express gratitude to the Creator whose beneficence is boundless. It stimulates discussions that can spur our spiritual growth. It reminds us that with His gift of creativity, challenges become optimistic opportunities to partner with God in creatively solving all material shortage.