23 and 1/2 Hours

My blogging time is limited today. If anyone has any thoughts on last night’s meetings, feel free to share them with us via the comments or send them to commonsenselp@yahoo.com and I’ll see about posting them later. For now I offer you this… an idea for the new year.


With the new year comes the suggestion that perhaps my one and only life is moving at a faster pace than I am. For many, health problems or extra weight are concerns that will affect the quality of their life and hold the possibility of cutting it short, maybe even abruptly. Others of us seem to live our lives seated… for some it’s all day at work and then all night at home on the couch. Even the seemingly healthy among us could find our health deteriorating if we don’t “hitch up our get-along” and get moving a little more often.

Here is a 9 minute video from Dr. Mike Evans about what he believes should come first, and what he believes will have the biggest impact on our health in a number of areas. It’s simple and it makes sense to me.

With that, I’m getting off the couch and heading out the door…