Predicting the Weather

Many of our residents live here for only part of the year, so if they’ve only recently returned, they might be unaware of what is on the “weather radar” in Lake Park. It is imperative that the word gets out to them about decisions that have been made during their summer absence and plans being made that will affect them. The conditions they will return to after next Summer ends and they head back this way again will depend on what they allow to brew over at Town Hall during their stay this season.

The changes that have occured since they were last here, if they took a look into them, might astound them. What has been set into place over the past 6 months now sets the stage for another round of decisions to come…and even more after that. The results are like the harsh weather many residents travel North to escape each Summer. Why escape those weather patterns and then ignore the kind created by your town government? A lot can, and has happened quickly in a single Lake Park season.

Whistling Back to Paradise

The unhappy reality is that unless our seasonal residents get up to speed and involved immediately, they may find themselves “tough out of luck” when they come whistling back to their little piece of paradise next year expecting “clear skies”. The whole of Lake Park needs our valuable seasonal residents. We are at somewhat of a disadvantage while this sector of our population is gone for half of the year. So while they ARE in town, we need them to show up, pay attention and speak out about decisions being made. Lake Park is being continually redesigned and redirected by the town administration’s recommendations and the near lock-step support of this direction by Commissioners Stevens, Rumsey and Mayor Dubois. The resulting climate of our town is turning dreary.

So, if you are one of our “fair weather friends”, please stop a minute and look out the window at what’s been unfolding and the climate that may have been developed on the street where you live since last year. Then look beyond that to the winds of change blowing down the Avenue, because you will be living under those “skies” next year. It is important to know who the town STAFF is and what’s on their agenda next and why and how they intend to pay for it. This matters. This predicts the “weather” to come, and is one kind we can all actually have an affect on.

Just as we do with the weather, we should constantly pay attention to the town’s plans, their associations, assess  the actions being taken and make some careful determinations about the goals and means of funding (as well as the conditions of that funding and how it will affect us) before committing our support to any plans. Whether your support of what’s going on in town is intentional or comes through passive neglect, the result will be the same and you will have to live with it.

We can have an affect on the “atmosphere” here in Lake Park, but only if more of our residents look at the storm clouds brewing, take an interest and do something about them.

Turn on your Lake Park “weather radar” folks. Your quality of life today and in the days to come depends upon it.