Ignorance Interrupted

Looks like Chuck Woolery and I are on the same page. Here is his take on the subject I tackled in my September 16th post: Democracy vs Republic.


Maybe his time as a game show host helped solidify his understanding that individual liberty is indeed a Wheel of Personal Fortune.

Know the truth. We are a constitutionally limited Republic. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny, when the government fears the people, there is liberty.

Does your local, county, state or national government have any reason to fear you, or are you the one growing increasingly uneasy as you watch them encroach upon your personal liberties? Or do you even have a clue?

The comfort of ignorance is rudely interrupted when the ugly side of truth reaches an individual’s personal space. Those who numb themselves to the truth by degrees may as well hold out their hands for the chains which will eventually bind them. They will (too late of course) rue the time they squandered in a relationship with that false sense of security.

The ignorant will go along with their own subjugation and will watch that of those around them in quiet submission, without alarm and without a fight. Panic will set in on the wrong side of the opportunity they had to know and act upon that knowledge.

History tells me so.