They’re at it again. Another report has come in of a theft in the neighborhood overnight while we slept. Be vigilant over your property. You never know who is stalking your block and creeping around in your yard at night waiting for an opportunity to steal what belongs to you.

The thought should set us on edge. Let’s make it hard on these crooks and keep better watch over our homes and our neighborhoods.

I’m all for thwarting criminal efforts both in local government and in regard to the “take what I want” mindset of the common thieves wandering our town looking for something of ours they can snatch up and walk off with. Hopefully both will take missteps soon and we can begin to see those who are deserving get locked up.

It will take more than hope though. We need to stand guard and be on the look out. Vigilance, constant vigilance.

Despite the unbelievable amounts of money Lake Park spends on beautification, marina development plans and parking lots, back alley renovation and landscaping on Park Avenue, criminal activity continues and thieves are constantly lurking. Don’t be fooled by pretty. All is not necessarily well just because the scenery is maintained just so on Park Avenue, or because the alleyways behind those businesses have been spruced up or the CRA business area is strategically groomed to look nice.

A beautiful veneer is usually just an easy way out. It is meant to hide something cheaper and uglier that lies beneath and to trick your eye into believing you have something of quality and dependability on your hands when in fact you do not. Veneer has its place and serves a purpose for those on a budget, but we would certainly be wise to keep track of what is lying underneath the facade. Pretty isn’t everything and pretty doesn’t necessarily provide substance or security. Don’t be distracted by it or you may wake up and find yourself empty-handed. Stay vigilant; crooks are often hiding out in plain sight.

That said, I hope you have an enjoyable and theft-free weekend.