Where, oh Where?

Where, oh where is this week’s commission meeting agenda? That’s what many of us have been saying all weekend. Finally, sometime between last night and this morning, someone on STAFF was kind enough to finally post the link. Here it is, the agenda for tomorrow night’s commission meeting.

Now you can get a glimpse of what is on tap for tomorrow night… that is, if you still have time to work your way through the pages of the agenda and the previous meeting minutes before then.

I guess the fun and games of those four day weekends are getting in the way of STAFF keeping residents apprised of this information in good order.

Perhaps STAFF could begin posting these items AHEAD OF their long weekends, rather than after, in all fairness to the tax-paying residents and business owners who are willing to sacrifice their time to slog through them and attend the meetings.

We have a responsibility to hold town STAFF and leadership accountable. Kinda hard to do so effectively if STAFF isn’t responsibly sharing information and making the agendas available in a timely manner.

I guess we’ll have to put our speed reading skills to the test once AGAIN and find out what our town is buying into on our behalf this week. If I have time this evening, I’ll try to get through it and post a synopsis tomorrow morning. Better yet, maybe we all just need to show up and see what’s on tap in person.

Meeting begins at 7:00 p.m.