Hover if Necessary

I didn’t have time to put together a detailed summary of the agenda for tonight’s meeting, so please take some time and go through it to get a feel for what’s in store.

It does look like the contracts for two jobs being done at town parks are to be awarded to those companies who won the bids. The work involves mulching several town playground surfaces to the tune of $10,885,00 and work to be done on a bathroom and storage area to the tune of $56,873.00.

There is a lot to be considered in the details of these contracts. They can be found there in the agenda for tonight’s meeting. We should all be reading between the lines when it comes to money being spent by our town. This is one place questions always need to be raised  and accountability needs to amp up. Reams and reams of pages of details make easy hiding places for misuse of funds, etc. I’m not saying there is any, but no one knows if things are on the up and up unless they look and are reading through and paying attention. We can’t just assume. It’s called accountability. We need to question, wonder, consider, think.

Does it all make sense? Is everything in order? Is the project worthwhile and the price reasonable? Where will the funds come from for these projects? Are grants involved? (yes) And what are the conditions of those grants; what will we be tied to as a result, what will the grant mean to us? Has anyone read the stipulations and do they understand the ramifications to us in the future as a result of accepting the money? Do they tie our hands as far as what we can do with our own property once we accept those funds? Who is being awarded contracts and what is their relationship to those on STAFF? Maybe none, but history has shown that contracts have been awarded to those with connections to our town STAFF in the past, and either no one was the wiser at the time or no one felt like doing the work to call them out on it. I think many would be surprised at what has been done with the award of contracts that was less than ethical, if they knew.

Keep alert. Hover over the shoulder of leadership and let them know you are there. Read the documents. It’s interesting what you can find in there. It’s amazing the difference in a worker’s behavior when they know someone is watching and they are being held accountable. Take some time to see how those who are spending your money are doing with the responsibility with which they have been entrusted.

As residents, tax payers and business owners, have we just handed over our money and crossed our fingers hoping those with access to it won’t rob us blind, or are we going to provide some stern oversight? If someone came into your home or business to do work, would you let them have access to your valuables without keeping watch? This is our town. It is our home. It’s our money and our valuables. Let’s take the time to keep an eye on all of it. Hover if necessary. Let them feel your eyes boring into the back of their head. They might not like it, but oh well, a little accountability in town government will go a long way toward improving our Lake Park. If our hovering upsets them, one might want to ask why. A little accountability is good; a lot would be better.

The public is invited to attend the commission meetings, and tonight at 7:00 p.m. one such meeting will take place. Hope you can be there. Let them know you are watching. Big brother has been known to do their share of looking over our shoulders, but we too need to do our share of looking over theirs. They are here to serve the citizens of Lake Park. So, hover if you will. Speak during public comments and ask questions, let them know your concerns. There are also other items on the agenda which might also concern you. Please check it out.

Don’t expect a better street where you live unless you are willing to go out there once in a while and least provide a little oversight to those you have working for you.