Don’t Embarrass Lady Liberty

If you are voting in the Republican Primary, get ready, get thinking and get to work looking into the candidates, because the Florida primary election will be held next Tuesday, January 31st.

I hope everyone is carefully researching the candidates, checking their records, associations, policies and looking beyond the outcome the media would like to offer you. Please don’t be the media’s dupe. They have an agenda. They have been selling you a war between two candidates. That alone should alert you to their wily ways. There ARE more than two candidates running. Know who they are and vote for the candidate of your own choice, not theirs. Do your own homework. Your citizenship has a responsibility attached to it.

Don’t fall for the storyline the media is fabricating for you. We’ve seen how that worked out three years ago, and we’ll be paying the price for years to come. The American public let media of every form and fashion tweak their perception in the last presidential election, and it became their guide. Many blindly jumped onto a popularity bandwagon that was headed in the wrong direction. Be wise, be wary, be a good steward of your vote. Take seriously the responsibility and the privilege of your freedom to make this important decision. Invest some time in discovering who each candidate is, what they have done and said in the past and how that matches up with the image they are trying to portray of themselves now.

Have they represented the people well in the past? After all, that will be their job going forward. How do they view our constitution, our role around the world, our military? What are their plans for national defense and how do they view capitalism? Do they love America and believe the people can make their own decisions or do they believe that government must be involved in every aspect of our lives and provide for us? Do they want to step in and regulate our healthcare, our internet, our energy usage, and basically every move we make? How does your candidate stack up on ethical issues? We’ve seen first hand, in Lake Park, on a small scale, how that can play out and how it can cost us. On a national level the implications are significantly more dramatic and harder to stop once the ball gets rolling in the wrong direction. You are responsible for preserving American ideals and standards by casting an informed vote.  Please don’t leave it to others whose motives are iffy at best to do your research for you. Stand up and have your own say.

Don’t embarrass lady liberty. When she covers her face, the torch light of liberty is no longer being held high for all to see the way to prosperity and freedom. You have a responsibility to help keep that light burning brightly. Take it seriously.

Now, back to Lake Park…I believe there is a “little matter” of a county ethics commission investigation into the town manager going on, and our own town and its commission have other serious matters to which they need to attend. Lady Liberty has had reason to cover her face a lot lately, even here. Let’s do our part to bring her light back to Lake Park. Information or further thoughts on this subject anyone?