The Future of Lake Park & Our Nation


Please come out tonight for the Special Call Meeting regarding the Town Manager. You can find the Emergency Meeting Agenda for this evening, January 30th, 2012, HERE. The meeting begins at 6:30 at town hall. The commission will be making a decision regarding the Town Manager’s dismissal, severance agreement, and more importantly about our town’s future. Hopefully we will witness Lake Park stepping out in a new and positive direction.


Without Equivocation

On another note, if you don’t know who Allen West is, I suggest you make his acquaintance, even if by way of the clip below. Furthermore, if our town commission would pursue having the congressman here for a town hall meeting as he requested, we could all have the opportunity to meet him in person and be inspired by his strength of character.

Congressman West consistently expresses his commitment to our country’s founding principles clearly, and he boldly defends the truth, speaking out against what he believes is wrong without equivocation. It is refreshing to find someone who doesn’t mince words or dance around the issues just for the sake of playing “nice” and getting along. We need more men and women who will stand, and not only speak out about what the current administration is doing to undermine our country, but also to fight for what our nation stands for, because as he mentions in this clip, this IS a battlefield.